A Day in my Life – June


Woke up around 5.30am and laid in bed for a bit. Rather cold here this morning. Suddenly decided I could make some morning tea for Kevin to serve at the first aid course he’s teaching today (he’d been going to buy biscuits). That was the incentive I need to get out of bed. I spent the next hour making choc chip muffins, anzac cookies and weetbix slice.

img_0688 img_0690

Amy was awake and watching TV. She’s been home sick the last 2 days and is still not real great. I enjoyed a cup of tea (and an anzac cookie – had to do a taste test) and read some info online for a scrapbook class I’m taking.

Christy and I go outside to feed the chooks and collect the eggs. We got two (later I got another 3 so they did well today).

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About 7.30am I went around the opened all the blinds, tidied the bedroom and tried to make our bed.


Ran Amy a bath, instructed Christy to tidy her room and get dressed for drama and went and had my shower.

After getting dressed, found Christy playing in her room with nothing accomplished. Went downstairs to package up the food for Kevin – he’d already left so I took them over to my parents who are doing the course today.


Make breakfast for the girls – toast for Christy and scrambled eggs for Amy.


Wash up the dishes from this mornings baking session and tidy the kitchen.


Send Christy up to get dressed (her room will have to wait). Ring my friend Leanne to let her know we won’t be able to come to her daughter’s birthday party – the girls are dissapointed but what can you do? I can’t even take Christy as all potential babysitters are at the same course.

At 9.15 I drop Christy off at her drama lessons (Amy is sad cause she has to miss out). I come home and get changed into a fleecy tracksuit as it is FREEZING cold outside (such a shock after a mild winter to date). Feed the budgies and guinea pigs and made myself a cup of tea to have with my “breakfast” (cruskits with spreadable cheese) while updating this blog post. Also hung out a load of washing.


Now that our plans for the day have changed I’m not sure what I’ll do. I don’t know whether to just appreciate the extra time and do things for ME or if I should use the bonus time to get more things DONE. Maybe a bit of both. I want to do some work in the household notebook and budget and I’ve got some ironing to do, then maybe some scrapbooking or knitting or watching some Perfect Housewife (though that will just make me want to clean). Anyway, time to go get Christy.


Okay, I’m back. I decided on working on a revised daily routine after being inspired by Carolyn at 5 minutes for Mum


I then worked on the budget – which wasn’t quite as fun.

Next was lunch. I made toast for Christy and cheese on toast for Amy. Since we were having such a relaxed, lazy day I let them eat while watching TV.


I had my lunch while playing on the computer. I had a veggie patty with melted cheese on top of a slice of bread.


Shortly after Christy crawled onto my lap to do her school home reader.


Needing to get off the computer for a while I headed into the scrapbook room for a few hours. I did 3 layouts and had some afternoon tea. Amy just watched TV and Christy went to our neighbours for a play.

img_0762 img_0765 img_0766 img_0767

Around 4pm I came back to the computer to start downloading photos. I stopped to make dinner – Pasta with a mushroom sauce – recommended by Bel. I sent some to Mum & Dad and they declared it 10 out of 10. Kevin came home around 5.30pm.

It’s now 6.30pm and I’m going to publish this post and go have my dinner. Gee, NO meals eaten at the table today – that’s not good. It’s family movie night and we’re going to watching Bailey’s Billions – it has a golden retriever in it so the girls are excited.

Edited to add the movie was a dud – we ended up watching December Boys – which wasn’t a whole lot better but I enjoyed Daniel Radcliff’s performance. Amy went to bed around 7.30pm feeling pretty sick, Kevin went about 8pm since he wasn’t enjoying the movie and was tired, and Christy flaked out sometime around 9pmso I carried her up to bed. It’s now 9.30pm and I’m heading to bed to hopefully do a bit of reading before falling asleep.

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8 thoughts on “A Day in my Life – June

  1. Hi Libby,
    I love this post. It is such a good idea looking back over what you do in a day. It makes you realise how in the ordinary day to day events of our lives we build strong families and give our kids a good grounding for life.
    I have The Perfect Housewife book and DVD and OMG it is so motivating! I have always been a flylady try hard, but this turns housekeeping from a chore to being a joy. Isn’t it funny that it is so uplifting ! LOL

  2. Hi Libby,
    That was a nice day too. I hope your Amy is better soon.
    Your dog loos gorgeous. I’ve told my daughter we can have a dog when she’s seven.

  3. Libby…a very productive day indeed and I am very impressed with the yummies that came out of your kitchen before I even got out of bed LOL

    Tell me, are you up for SJ’s have more fun class? I was tossing it around as I have enjoyed LOM, and then yesterday I just impulsivly signed up 🙂

  4. Hello Libby
    That sounded like a nice fairly quiet day. Shame about the movie and the fizzled out endof the day.
    I love the look on your dogs face – What me On the Bed? Never
    Take care

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