Meet Bailey


Wow, when I woke up this morning I did not know I would be getting a little golden puppy this afternoon. We had thought to get an older dog – another golden – and I have been looking since we got back from our trip. But today Kevin (who arrived home yesterday afternoon) suggested we get a pup. I rang up one place – $900 and then another – $480 – cause it was there last pup. We picked the girls up early from school and drove up to Sydney to meet the 9 week male. When we arrived the Mum & Dad came running up to meet us with their tails wagging. So it was a good first impression. And then we met the pup and instantly fell in love. We orginally named him Darwin – Kevin’s idea – but I kept on wanting to call him Bailey so we’ve decided to go with that name.

IMG_0053 Bailey and his parents

I nursed him on the way home and he tried to get a bit of sleep.

Bailey trying to sleep

When we arrived home we introduced him to Rosie who was very excited to have a playmate. They have been playing almost non-stop since we got home and they are both sleep under my chair at the moment. I think they are going to be great friends.

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