Well, it’s been a fun weekend in our neck of the woods.

On Saturday night we celebrated my good friend, Kay’s, 40th birthday. It was a very enjoyable night – dinner out at a restaurant. Don’t you just love her cake? Can’t see it? Look again. That’s not a bag on the table, that’s the cake. How cute is that? She sat and looked at it for about 5mins not wanting to cut it. Not that I can blame her. I don’t think I would have cut it. Luckily it tasted as good as it look so it worth cutting up.

Kay's 40th

Today we celebrated Father’s Day. The girls made Kevin his very first breakfast in bed. Not sure he enjoyed the whole experience – not with everyone (dogs included) piled on the bed with him. But he was a good sport.

Fathers Day breakfast in bed

Fathers Day morning

Later we drove over to Berrima (about an hour away), with Mum & Dad meeting us there. We went to the Court House Museum – which gave us the history of the town and was rather interesting.

Berimma Courthouse

After that we did a bit of shopping. Amy was quite excited to find a tea shop and bought some green mint tea. We had a yummy lunch at a cafe.

Lunch out on Fathers Day

I got this photo with my Dad, who wasn’t feeling very well (poor thing).

Fathers Day in Berrima

When we got home we had a spa and spent the rest of afternoon watching TV, reading and playing on our laptops. I think Kevin enjoyed his Fathers Day. And I hope my Dad did too (even if his present didn’t arrive in time 🙁 )

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  1. Kez says:

    What an *awesome* cake!!!

    I love Berrima – one of my favourite places to wander around. Have you ever been to Morpeth just outside Maitland? It’s a similar place – an historic village that’s been turned into a touristy place with lovely tea shops, craft shops & art galleries.

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