Decluttering with kids


Aren’t these just the cutest? When I was ordering my Flylady calender this year I saw these decluttering kits and thought I’d buy them and see how they went. I used them for the first time with Christy. We were sorting through her toys hoping to find her DS. Plus it’s her birthday on Thursday so she wanted to make room for all the toys she thinks she’s getting (hope she’s not too disappointed).

Anyway, she loved the baskets and had a lot of fun working out which one to put everything in. As you can see the giveaway was the most popular. When Amy saw them she wanted to know if we could leave them where they are (in between the girls bedrooms). I don’t so but they are nice enough that you could. I’ll probably just store them in our spare room/study but they do collapse to be put away easily. Such a clever idea!!!

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