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I nearly forgot that it’s once again my job to document A Day in My Life. I was up around 5.20am. Not that I wanted to be but Kevin had to leave early to go to Sydney and since our bedroom opens up to our bathroom there was no staying asleep for me. A shame. It’s rainy and overcast and would have been a great morning to snuggle in bed with Rosie (guess, I should have said Kevin ๐Ÿ™‚ ).

Downstairs to let the dogs out for the toilet. Then I made myself a cup of tea which I enjoyed while watching the slide show presentation for my Design Your Life class, and reading blogs in Google Reader.


Got Bailey his breakfast and watched him and Rosie playing. He’s growing up so fast and is nearly as tall as Rosie (esp. at the back end).

Dogs playing

At 6.45am I headed upstairs to have my shower. Christy was already up so I helped her get dressed and put away some the girls clothes. I made my bed, not easy with the dogs.

Making the bed Making the bed Making the bed

Then had my shower and got dressed for the gym. I didn’t realize quite how warm it was and should have waited to shower AFTER my workout. I cleanse, moisturize and put on a bit of makeup.

Putting on moisturizer

Now, I’m all ready to face the day.

Libby ready to face the day

Back downstairs. I put the washing on – adult clothes today.

Laundry helpers

Help Christy organise her lunch and make breakfast. Really couldn’t decide what I felt like this morning. Ended up with cruskits and cottage cheese and a Milo (which I have about once every 6 weeks).


We had been planning to walk to school but it had started raining so we drove. I had to open the uniform shop at school. We had NO customers today. I forgot to take a photo until after I had closed up but here’s were all the action (!!!!) takes place.

Uniform Shop cabinets

Aren’t these flowers at the school absolutely beautiful?

Flowers at school

Next stop was the gym.

My gym

Today was lower body workout so it’s a quick one and I was back home by 9.45am. The dogs helpedย  me bring in the mail.

Bringing in the mail Bringing in the mail

Put the washing in the dryer. I don’t like to use it but the rain looks very set in and is supposed to hang around tomorrow as well.

Time to rest my jelly legs and enjoy a protein shake while reading blogs. If you’re looking for a good one to read go check out simple-green-frugal-co-op. It’s new but you can tell it’s going to be fantastic.

Protein shake

After recovering from my workout I ventured out into the garden to get some cauliflower for tonights dinner. We’re also having snow peas but I’ll go get them later when it stops raining. I bought them inside, removed the leaves (gave some to the guinea pigs) and washed the florets. I then took some leaves out to the chooks, who were in an area by the back door (where the’re not supposed to be). No eggs yet today.

I then did a bit of ordering for the uniform shop. We have the kindy orientation coming up in a few weeks.

Sending e-mails

I then made up some fruit loaf and got it started in the bread maker. Our machine is working out really well and even Christy likes “some” of the bread I’ve made in it.

I’m feeling VERY lazy today. Normally after my weights workout on Tues I do my groceries. I’ve worked out I never have a lot of energy for a while afterwards so I do my cleaning on days I do cardio early in the morning. However, I don’t think the weather is helping things today. So I made myself a cup of tea and wrote up some of this post. So many things I should be doing but I’m just in the mood today.

I ended up getting motivated enough to go and do an 1/2 hour of ironing and managed to get it ALL done. Now I just have to put it away – I hate that job way more than the ironing.

Time for some lunch. Today I had a grain roll with a slice of cheese and some pasta salad. I ate while reading blogs (bad, I know).


At 1pm I headed into the scrapbook room to work on some layouts from our big trip. I got quite a few done and am on the home stretch with the album.


At 2.45 I left to go pick up the girls from school. It had stopped raining but had turned quite cool. However by the time we got home and out of the car, the sun was out and it was rather warm (didn’t last long though). Christy played a bit of basketball outside and I sent Amy to pick some snow peas and broad beans.

Christy playing basketball Amy picking broad beans

She go the beans out of the pods for me, then upon doing some research I realized they have to be boiled slightly and then peeled again. I did this and it wasn’t as bad as I feared. The bread was ready and Amy enjoyed some for afternoon tea.

Fruit loaf

I got back on the computer (and a cup of tea) again and got side tracked finding photos for Kevin to print on canvas for our loungeroom (it’s been on my to-do list for some time now).

Libby on the computer

Time was getting away so I thought I’d better finish getting dinner made. I got the dogs their dinner, which they devoured.

Dinner tonight was cauliflower in the cheese sauce, snow peas & broad beans and honey carrots. Amy and I ate together. Christy had already eaten and was over and Nan & Pop’s, and Kevin was late home.

IMG_2213 IMG_2216

After dinner I got the kitchen cleaned up and Kevin arrived home. We sent Christy up for her bath and Kevin had his dinner. We settled down to watch and episode of the Tudors Season 2 and I finished up this post.

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  1. I enjoyed your post again this month. Your dinner looks very healthy, we seem to be eating very filling food at the moment – something to do with the cooler weather I think.

  2. hi, libby.

    glad to make your acquaintance! look forward to reading your blog, as well. mine’s in its infancy … please forgive!!

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