A Day in the Life – January 2009


Yep, it’s the 14th AGAIN. So scary how quickly this month went by. Seems like just yesterday we went to see Santa :-(. I had a bit of sleep in this morning (we’ve been up late watching the Star Wars movies) so by the time I got out of bed and dressed it was 6.30am. I was going to skip this mornings walk but Amy was ready and waiting for me so I went and it was nice. Of course the dogs love it. Unfortunately I didn’t take my camera because I was still half asleep. But here’s a photo when we go back.

Dogs post walk

I checked some e-mail while drinking some water and uploaded some videos to youtube. I still can’t decide if I should share them on my blog or not. It’s all about the Red Carpet Ready (fitness) program that I’m currently following. I might just put them in the side bar but those who get an RSS feed will still get them. It’s not that I’m trying to hide them but I don’t know if most of my regular reader will be that interested.

Finally got myself motivated to go and do todays RCR workout.

red carpet ready workout

Now I’m recooperating and having a protein shake while reading blogs.

Libby enjoying a protein shake

Then off to shower, make beds, get the kids to tidy up, and put on a load of washing. At this point I decided to put the air con on because it’s supposed to get very hot today. Next up was making oatmeal (I’ve just started making my own on the stove – so yummy) while I unpacked the dishwasher and did some washing up. Then I sat down to eat breakfast while reading blogs (naughty I know).

Oatmeal for breakfast

My friends arrived just after 10am and we got to work scrapbooking and chatting. Needless to say I didn’t take any photos.

I had a snack around 11am of corn thins with hommus – my new favourite snack – and a cup of tea.

Morning snack

Around 1pm the girls came in wanting lunch. I made them a toasted sandwich and I had some reheated corn and zuchinni fritters – leftover from last nights dinner.


Then it was back to scrapbooking till 3.30pm when my friend left. I had a such a great relaxing day. Sharon is planning on working part time this year which means we might get to do this more often – which will be great.

layout layout Layout Layout

I was getting a little hungry so had a boiled egg on cape seed bread for a snack – with another cup of tea. Although it’s been terribly hot today I’ve been inside all day (since my morning walk) with the air conditioning on, so the tea is going down well. I tidied up the scrapbook area (a bit) and resorted some pages into the correct albums, then settled down to read some blogs. I’m trying to get my RSS feeds down in number so I’m not spending as much time online. Don’t think it’s working though as everytime I unsubscribe from one I seem to find another to trial.

Around 6pm I started to get dinner organised.

Cooking dinner

Amy had a friend sleeping over so they had vegetable filled pasta witha  cheese sauce and garlic bread. I had some red lentil bolognase with quinoa (yummo). After cleaning up the kitchen Kevin and I went to watch the first episode of Band of Brothers before heading to bed.

Sorry about the lack of photos today – I kept on forgetting. Tomorrow I’m planning on spending indoors again because it’s supposed to be even hotter. I need to tidy/organise my desk, do some ironing and them some more scrapbooking (now I’ve got my mojo back :-))

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4 thoughts on “A Day in the Life – January 2009

  1. Hello Libby
    Lovely way to spend the day – with friends and the children.
    Thanks for sharing it with us.
    Take care

  2. Hiya,

    I spotted your blog while I was reading through everyones blogs on ‘A day in the life’ on Jenny Wrens blog and I just wanted to send you a big wave fro North Devon, UK….Love your blog and I look foward to stopping by again.

  3. How great to have a friend over….and scrapping,sounds like the perfect day!!
    I love your LO’s….you got so much done…..that is such a cool pic of Kevin jumping out of the plane.

    Happy Sat.

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