Some random bits about my life right now


Okay, so I’ve been a bit of a bad blogger but thought I might share a bit of what’s going on in my life right now.

* I’ve been doing LOTS of exercise – Red Carpet Ready Workouts most days, riding my bike (with the girls to school and back every morning & afternoon) and walking the dogs. And I’m getting muscles I’ve never had before.

* I’ve rediscovered YOGA. I loved it back in high school and thanks to Kath Eats Real Food I discovered So much fun. I esp. love doing some gentle hatha at the end of my workout.

* I’m back into scrapbooking almost daily – which I love!!!

* I’ve been following Flylady again and trying to get my home in better order

* I’ve been eating healthy, nutrious meals (most of the time).

* We’re busy in the afternoons with after school activities so I’m working hard to keep organised and on top of things.

* Our local basketball team – The Hawks- won’t be competing next year – so sad. Only one more game to play.

* Picked up some great books from the library (that  I had requested they buy) – River Cottage Family Cookbook and The Simple Living Guide. Now to find time to read them.

* In the process of transforming the junk room into a useable study/spare room.

4 thoughts on “Some random bits about my life right now

  1. I have to say that I am very impressed that you have stuck to your plan…well done. It seems the heat (and no air con here) has just put me off (I know, excuses, excuses).

    I am also impressed that you can fit the scrapping in nearly every day. I was so fired up after CZ class, and then Christmas, and bam so much else to do.

    ps: I want to see your Linda Hamilton / Terminator arms LOL

  2. Hi Libby,

    You are achieving great stuff at the moment! How are you getting your YOGA in? Do you have a DVD? I bought one but it seemed quite advanced and I couldn’t really do many of the poses at all! Also would love a review of the simple living book once you have read it – who’s it written by?

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