Bonding with my “tween”


A couple of weeks ago when Amy was having a emotional time she requested a day out with just me. Today was that day. It was hard to think of something to do (that we wouldn’t want Kevin & Christy to miss out on). In the end we decided to drive to the Southern Highlands for some shopping and sightseeing.

We started to day with a visit to my optomotrist (I snapped the arm off my glasses last week which were fixed “temporarily”). We then stopped by Gloria Jeans for an ice chocolate (Amy chose Hot Chocolate) to enjoy on the way. And we headed off on our adventure.

First stop was the Visitors Center.We then drove on to Bowral where we wandered around the shops – so many lovely home shops – I could easily have spent LOTS of money but I was good and only got a few things I really loved. We got some clothes for Amy (some of which will be put away for our UK trip) and then had lunch at a cafe we had spotted earlier.


We didn’t buy any of the above yummies but they sure did look good. Amy had a pie which she enjoyed.


The same could not be said about my lentil salad. I ended up only eating the feta (which was delicious) and a few other bites. Really wasn’t my cup of tea.


While at lunch I checked out how to get to Wool Addiction. I thought Kevin would be very proud of me!


We loved the street of Bowral and the surrounding areas – so many trees and everything was green thanks to all the rain we’ve had lately. It was stinking hot day though – 38 deg. celcius.


We found the shop and got some wool (not that I really needed any). Amy picked some to make a scarf and I couldn’t resist after seeing a certain colour combination.


We then drove to Sutton Forrest to visit A Little Piece of Scotland. We had to buy some shortbread (which Amy tells me is nicer than the one we make – which I think is pretty darn good), Scottish Tablet and Scottish Breakfast Tea (which I’m enjoying as I type this).


Then it was on to Red Cow Farm where we explored the gardens, guided by the 3 collies who live there. The gardens were nice but well past their best. We still enjoyed our visit.








Our last stop in the Highlands was the Old Cheese Factory in Robertson. We had stopped for gelato but as soon as I saw they had scones with jam & King Island Cream I changed my mind. This is a cute little place – part shop and part cafe. Of course I had to buy some of the locally made camembert (my fav. cheese).



Loved the sign by the door.


After driving back down Macquarie Pass we headed to Shellharbour Square to get some new school shoes for Amy, baskets for my scrapbook room and a few other clothing items for the girls.

We had a fabulous day. Amy felt special and seemed to enjoy having me to herself for the whole day. I’ll definitely try to make this an annual event.

NOTE: Christy had a fun day out with her Nan – which included a trip to the movies – and I’ve promised her at least a half day out with me before she goes back to school.


2 Comments to “Bonding with my “tween””

  1. By Kez, January 13, 2010 @ 2:01 pm

    Sounds like a fun day. Flickr’s not showing me the pictures though 🙁

  2. By Jane, January 18, 2010 @ 12:17 pm

    What a wonderful day! I love your pictures from your day!!!! Your Daughter is so pretty 🙂 I love Scottish shortbread and Scottish tablet! I haven’t made any for AGES!! I lived in Scotland for two years and loved it!! Where are you going in the UK? My parents and Sisters live in the SW of England my DH’s family live in the South. I have lived all over the UK though. You’ll have a fabulous time!!! 🙂