A Day in My Life – January 2010


I woke this morning around 5.30am. I wanted to go back to sleep but with 2 dogs on the bed and Kevin reading his e-mail it wasn’t going to happen. I eventually dragged myself out of bed, got dressed and headed out the door with the dogs. It was much cooler and overcast this morning so it was a nice morning for a walk.


There was no one around so I let the dogs free for a bit of a run. Unfortunately a bird flew by and Rosie decided to chase it. Bailey followed. Rosie came back. Bailey kept going….right into the lake…


So of course Rosie went into the lake. They did have a fabulous time. But look at the state of them.


I send them into the duck pond to try and clean off a bit..But when we got home I took them straight up for a shower.


Ah, that’s better…


Since I was rather wet myself I showered and got dressed and came down and made some french toast for the girls. While it was cooking I checked out what was in the fridge that needs to be used up before we go away on Saturday.


Time for some breakfast.


I had some cruskits with spreadable cheese and a milo that Christy made for me.


I then tidied up, emptied the dishwasher and fed the animals. Then it was time to help the girls clean and tidy their bedrooms.

We did Amy’s room first…


we had just started on Christy’s room when their friend, Emerson, arrived to play. We decided to have a break then Christy and I got stuck back into her room


Around 1pm I was REALLY hungry and with not much in the house I ordered some pizzas. I got the girls to go help Christy while I drove to Dominos to pick up the pizza. The girls opted to have a picnic lunch outside….


and I opted to eat at the computer…. trying to fix my photo problem (hoping it now is).


Then Christy and I headed back to finish off her room. Finally around 3pm it was all done…..


Emerson’s Dad arrived to pick her up and I did some washing up and cleaned the guinea pig cage. Then it was time to have a cup of tea (and another slice of pizza) while watching Clean House.


I then spent a bit of time reading a book that I need to return to the library tomorrow, then got my photos uploaded to flickr. I lazed around watching some TV. Kevin arrived home about 6.15pm and once the show I was watching ended I got dinner for the pups and cooked an easy dinner for us. Filled Pasta (from freezer) with pasta sauce (from jar). Christy had one piece of pasta as part of our efforts to get her eating “real” food. Mind you she only ate half and therefore didn’t get her toast.


Then it was time for a bit of TV – watching some news on the Haiti earthquake and another UK show we’ve started to watch. Later I enjoyed an icy pole. I took Christy up to bed at 8.30pm and had a cup of tea. We headed to bed about 9.30pm and I did a bit of reading – finishing the library book and the romance I am currently reading.