One whole month and a giveaway

Well, when I set the goal of a blog post every day within a week I wasn’t sure how I was going to manage. However, now that we’re at the beginning of February I have a growing list of ideas. It really is amazing how the more I’ve had to challenge myself the easier the ideas seem to flow. Now, let’s see if I’m saying the same thing in a couple months time.


When I opened the mail today and recieved the two free back issues that came with my magazine subscription to Clean Food Organic my first thought was to do a blog post to make sure all my fellow Aussies know about this great magazine. It originally started out like more of a book (which was expensive) but is now a magazine ($8.95 per issue).


My second thought was I already have one of these back issues so therefore I can do a giveaway on the blog. Yay!!!  So any of my Aussie readers who are interested in checking out the mag (book in this case) please leave a comment and I’ll do the draw on Friday.

11 thoughts on “One whole month and a giveaway

  1. Hi Libby,
    I also set myself the challenge to write every day in January (are we twins seperated at birth?) and I find the more I blog the more I think up topics I want to write about next. I think you’ll do fine. I love your blog.
    Oh and please count me in for the giveaway – I’ve never seen this magazine /book before.
    Have a great day.

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