A few weeks back I upgraded my compost bin (which was just a normal canister which you’d use for something like tea) to real compost bin.


It’s got  filter on top (to stop odors), a carry handle (luxury) and some bin liners (definitely making it a lot more hygenic – and they are compostable).


It’s about 3-4 times the size of my last bin which means I don’t have to empty it every day. Not that we have a lot of food scraps with all our animals. But there are plenty of tea leaves :-).


The downside of which it’s too big to live on the bench, but it does fit nicely under the sink. Which works out well as I couldn’t find a white one and wouldn’t want a black one on the bench anyway :-).


When it gets full I just grab the liner and take it out to the bin green compost bin in the garden.

One whole month and a giveaway

Well, when I set the goal of a blog post every day within a week I wasn’t sure how I was going to manage. However, now that we’re at the beginning of February I have a growing list of ideas. It really is amazing how the more I’ve had to challenge myself the easier the ideas seem to flow. Now, let’s see if I’m saying the same thing in a couple months time.


When I opened the mail today and recieved the two free back issues that came with my magazine subscription to Clean Food Organic my first thought was to do a blog post to make sure all my fellow Aussies know about this great magazine. It originally started out like more of a book (which was expensive) but is now a magazine ($8.95 per issue).


My second thought was I already have one of these back issues so therefore I can do a giveaway on the blog. Yay!!!  So any of my Aussie readers who are interested in checking out the mag (book in this case) please leave a comment and I’ll do the draw on Friday.

Nude lunches

Thought that might get your attention. But I’m not talking about eating lunch in the nude but serving lunch nude. No, not IN the nude – in other words, without throw away packaging.

My girls have had containers for lunch since the year dot but I still got VERY excited when I saw these nude food movers in the shops.



I’ll be buying the insulated bags as I soon as I see them in the stores. The girls find these to be the best of ALL the lunch containers they have. There is a compartment for a sandwich, two for snacks and two more for wet/messy snacks. There are a few removable dividers which gives even more lunchtime flexibility.



My Op Shop Adventure


Today I joined a bus load of women (none of whom I knew) to go on a tour of local op shops. It was a free event run by Sustainable Illawarra. This was my first time EVER in an op-shop as a customer so it was a whole new experience for me. I felt a little uncomfortable at first – not knowing where things were or quite how it all works. I didn’t find any clothes for myself but did buy a couple of things for the girls. I found it frustrating liking something but it being too big or too small. Most shops (we went to 5) were well arranged – with clothes sorted by type and colour. Having said that I have to say that I don’t think op-shopping is for me. Not to say I won’t try it again – I’m sure it would be easier if I was thinner, and maybe had someone else to go with.  Anyway, it’s something I can cross of my to-do list for the year.