Pure Indulgence

On Friday night Kevin and I went to see Robin Hood. I LOVED movie but the extra exciting part was getting to see it in a Gold Class Cinema. It was my first time (Kevin has been before) and we were able to use a gift card we had been given a few month ago – but I was waiting for the right (long) movie to use it. Talk about a movie experience. I love everything about it. (except the cost – though for us it was free 🙂 ).

Check out the seats…



They are fully reclining lounges and before the movie starts you order the food you want (from a menu) and what time you’d like it bought to you. Our movie started at 6pm so we ordered a dip trio and bruschetta to come out 6.15pm. Food was lovely but overpriced (for what we got). Later we had tea/smoothie. And finally a ice cream sundae – which was a bit difficult to eat in a dark theatre – but yummy none-the-less.

Definitely a wonderful experience and pure indulgence.

3 thoughts on “Pure Indulgence

  1. hi libby, phil and i went to gold class for my birthdy a couple of years ago ad we watch australia – great value as its a long movie!! i dont think i could justify the price for a regular 80-90 minute movie. it was pure indulgence then but now with huuge tv’s, blue ray and surround sound at home being the norm its not so special now. nice to go out though 🙂

  2. Snap!

    Libby, I saw Robin Hood in Gold Class at Bondi Junction on Saturday morning with a free pass (we only had one and it was about to expire and the boys were all at soccer). I stretched out for the 2.5 hr movie and enjoyed brushetta and a drink.

    Great movie and Gold class was fun (not my first time, but still fun)

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