Catching UP

Sorry I’ve been remiss in my posts the last few days. Lets just say they haven’t been the most stellar as far as healthy foods go. So I’m going to do a quick catch up for Wed and Thursday.

Wednesday started out we me skipping my workout!. I had planned to go but instead it went into the too hard basket. Instead I had some tea and cruskits with spreadable cheese.


Breakfast was a wholegrain crumpet with some of honey I got from Mum. I’d really been feeling like this but didn’t enjoy it as much as I thought I would.


I ended up going shopping for clothes (since they were on sale in Target) and was very happy to get a pair of jeans that fit :-). Certainly takes away the pressure to fit into my current jeans before our trip – it was starting to stress me out somewhat. Before leaving I picked up a skim iced chocolate from Gloria Jeans – which I drank in the car on the way home. As you can see it was cold, wet and windy day.


With the weather so yuck I needed something warm for lunch – leftover pasta – how easy was that!


I’ve conveniently forgotten what I snacked on in the afternoon.Though I did have a bowl of homemade Minestrone soup.


Dinner was Amy’s favourite – Pumpkin cannelloni (made as a lasagne) and some corn.


Thursday breakfast was cheese on toast. I only ate one piece.


When the rain stopped the dogs and I headed out on an hour long walk, arriving home just after the rain started again. Time for a green smoothie – haven’t had one for a few days as I was out of spinach.


Lunch was a sweet bean burrito wrap. Always delicious.


Once again, we won’t talk about afternoon snacks but there was another Gloria Jeans skim iced chocolate consumed while Christy was at singing lessons. Dinner was Sweet Potato Rissoto.


And supper was a half key lime cookie (bought from Gloria Jeans) and the rest of the rocky road. The cookie was as delicious as it sounded in the shop :-).


As you can see it’s not been all bad but not the best either. I’ll keep plodding onwards….