Friday dinner failure

ANOTHER slow start to the day – I just can’t get my butt moving in the morning these days. Started the day with a cup of tea and one and half oatmeal cookies.


Later breakfast was 4 cruskits with spreadable cheese before heading out the door for a before school meeting with Amy’s teacher. The meeting went well and Amy’s teacher is trying to find ways to challenge her at school and stop her from being bored. After the meeting I listened the kids read in Christy’s class, then went and filled some orders for the uniform shop. Last stop before returning home was returning a book to the library.

I made another cup of tea and grabbed 2 cookies for morning tea. I took this over to Mum’s and Dad’s (next door) to show Dad all the info that had come in about the motorhome we are hiring in the UK.

Todays lunch was a bowl of cheesy potato chowder.


More travel plans this afternoon. I had fun playing with google maps – checking out photos of the places we’ll be staying out. I can’t tell you how excited I got when I saw this… View Larger Map

My afternoon snack with plum spread and camambert on my favourite crackers.


I was a bit munchy this afternoon so also had a small bag of popcorn.


And many cups of tea :-).

Tonights dinner was supposed to be vegetable korma. But unfortunately I managed to burn it and turned to mush. We tried it…


but it didn’t taste real good so I went back to the kitchen to make dinner no.2. Tofu slabs, basmati rice and sweet potato. Much better.


We ate this while watching Braveheart (as the girls had dinner at Nan’s). Great movie but I bailed again at the end (when he gets tortured) – I only ever watched that part once at the movies (and was VERY close to leaving the theatre). Needless to say I’m not planning to visit any dungeons in the UK!

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