Day 17 – Heading back to the UK


Can’t believe it’s the last day of the cruise. Sad in a one way but we’re looking forward to being in the motorhome and being able to do things on our own time schedule.

Another lazy morning. We woke around 6.30am (except for Christy). Amy and I went up to Windjammers for some tea (and a donut). We sat and read for a bit until it got too cool, then went to the library to read until 8am.


Back to the room to find Christy still asleep. We read for a bit, then got dressed and eventually Christy woke up and went to breakfast in the dining room.
It was 10am by the time the girls headed to kids club. We went to look at our photos (and bought one) and checked out the shops one more time. I had planned to buy a gift for a friend’s husband whose family is from Estonia but I forgot so I tried to get something on board but they had nothing – sorry Jody!
I then started the fun job of packing everything back up ready to put our bags out later tonight. At 11.15am we had a call from Amy reminding of the kids club talent show. Lucky she did since we had totally forgotten about it. As always it was fun watching all the kids – Amy sang and Christy hulla hooped.



It was time for lunch and I wanted another vegetarian sandwich from the Seaview Cafe so we headed there. It was quite cold on deck so we ate inside.


We then came back to the cabin and did some more packing. Christy went back to kids club.


Kevin and I went and used the thermal suite for the last time and the met the girls back in the cabin at 4pm so we could have a swim and spa and enjoy out last mocktails.

Time to get ready for dinner for the last time.


Another lovely meal but I think we’re all looking forward to eating more of our normal food again.

IMG_2772 IMG_2773

We said our farewells to Melissa and Osbourne and went back to our cabin to do some reading. Amy hasn’t gone to kids club tonight so I waited up for Christy, who came back just after 9pm. We were all asleep shortly afterwards.


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