Kevin must have really missed me these last two weeks. Not only did he have the house all tidy for when we got back, he’d bought milk and bread and 2 HUGE bunches of flowers. And I could not tell you the last time he bought me any flowers. These are just gorgeous – probably the nicest flowers I have ever gotten.

Look at all those beautiful flowers…


I left one bunch whole and split the other bunch into four vases. One for the coffee table…


One for the kitchen table…


One for the entry…


And one for the bathroom…


I feel totally spoilt and very loved. And it’s make up for the lack of flowers outside – they are everywhere in the UK and I’m already missing it. Finally here’s a couple of close-ups….




7 thoughts on “Flowers

  1. Very beautiful, Libby!! I don’t know what that one rose-looking flower is, but it makes me thinks of those ornamental cabbages that grow so well in cooler weather. So pretty….it’s good to be home!


  2. Beautiful flowers Libby. Nice to have you back. I will miss the UK, but look forward to the next adventure. The flowers everywhere, won’t that happen soon here when spring comes, then you will have days that will make you think you are there again. Maybe.

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