My new love


As you know I’ve recently been playing with a DSLR. Which obviously means I need a way to carry it with me. I did buy a camera bag for the big trip but it was too big (Kevin ordered it online for me) which meant we didn’t use it all as it was intended and therefore didn’t actually carry to DSLR on our day trip – just using it from the motorhome. I had been eyeing the lovely (but small) range of women’s camera bags but couldn’t decide which one I wanted. Finally I made a decision last week and it arrived today. I am SOOOOO happy with it. And can’t wait to take it out.

This is what I found when I opened the box….


then upon opening the plastic…


Are you ready for the grand unveiling? Of course, part of the agony of choice was choosing a colour once I’d decided on an epiphanie bag. Funnily enough I was wearing the only red thing in my wardrobe today…


I know you’re thinking the bag is a little large for this camera :-). But it fits the DSLR just perfectly, with room for my wallet and other stuff.


Isn’t the purple lining just gorgeous?


As I already said I am really thrilled with the bag. So worth waiting for. It comes with a shoulder strap as well but it’s so very comfy with the standard straps. Now the bag is not cheap – this was an early Christmas present to myself 🙂 – but there is currently a 15% off birthday special, which makes it a little more affordable.

Now I have to dust off my photography class notes. Good thing it’s a birthday weekend coming up….



5 thoughts on “My new love

  1. Ooooo! I’m loving that! I currently have a black camera bag that doesn’t have room for my wallet and keys and then a camera backpack that isn’t suitable sometimes.

  2. I need one of those so badly, I dropped my camera on Tuesday because my bags zip is a bit dodgy.

    I also like the fact it has room for all your other stuff.

  3. Hi Libby, am thinking I might get one too for christmas. I have my camera back pack that that I use when I’m going to lots of stuff, but sometimes I want to carry just one camera with one lens while I’m out and about. Thank it is a great idea. Also doesn’t look like a camera bag, and doesn’t look like it carries a few thousand dollars worth of stuff, always a bonus. Thanks for the link.

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