Family day out to the theatre


We had a lovely family day out to Sydney and the theatre. First stop was lunch. There were a few Asian places to choose from – we chose Korean.


For lunch I had cheese dolsot – which was delicous.



Amy and Kevin really enjoyed their meals too, and Christy her bowl of rice.


It was a fun lunch, esp. since we don’t eat out that often as a family. And  we even got to watch Korean music videos as we ate!


Then it was time to walk next door to the Capitol Theatre to see the musical FAME.


It was pretty good, though not as good as other musicals we have seen. The dancing was fantastic and the girls really enjoyed it. We thought Christy might have been bored in parts but “it was perfect” according to her and she wants to go see it again. I think a lot of the adult stuff just went over her head. It was worth the price we paid as we got a special deal on the tickets (which was why we took the girls).


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