A day at the Movies

Movie world to be exact.

Movie World

After waking around 6am and playing on the computer for a bit we went downstairs to get our groceries, came back to the room to have breakfast and then headed off to Movie World around 10am. First up was Scooby’s Spooky Coaster. With Kevin and I both suffering from bad backs and Christy old enough to ride without a parent we waited nearby. I felt a bit sad but the girls felt very grown up to be riding without parents.

Scooby's spooky coaster

While waiting, the Scooby gang pulled up and I thought I’d better get a photo with them in case the girls missed out.

With the Scooby Gang

Christy is a HUGE Scooby fan so I pleased she made it back before they left.

With the Scooby Gang

From here we headed over to the Wild West ride. I was going to ride but remembered their were¬† a few jerky parts and someone needed to keep everything dry. Unfortunately I was messing around with the camera – taking photos with the wide angle lens – and missed them coming down. Luckily Kevin took the new video camera on (it’s water proof). I think this was them at the top.

Wild West ride

It was a warm day so we didn’t need it but I thought this giant people dryer was a fabulous idea.

The people dryer

We were heading back up main street when the next session of Journey to the Center of the Earth in 4D was going in so we decided to do that. Kevin and I took the non-moving seats (boy we are getting old!!!). This was quite fun. I love Brendan Fraser and the girls seemed to enjoy it.

4D movie

Next up was the Batwing Slingshot. I don’t do rides like this (only once). But it was Christy’s first time and she was so excited.


Excited girls

First time for Christy

She loved it and got back in line for another ride while we some lunch (I bought rolls with us). We then went on the Batman ride – opting for the non-moving version – much to the girls disgust. Kevin & I haven’t been on this in years because we thought it rough and jarring even before we had bad backs :-).

We visited the Harry Potter shop. Christy got a cute owl (Hedwig) and Amy got a few pieces of jewellery. We had problems with one the girls gift cards which took a bit of sorting out.

Harry Potter Shop

After getting photos for our VIP passes (great value at only $99 – unlimited entry until June) we visited Ben & Jerry’s.

Ben & Jerry's

Decisions, decisions

Kevin & I decided to share one of hte Core Concoctions – 2 scoops of ice cream with choc sauce in the middle and cream & nuts on top. YUM!!

Sharing an ice creamIce Cream

We wandered over to the Looney Tunes Kids area but it was rather busy. The girls had wanted to ride the roller coaster but said the line was too long. Then Christy announced that she was too old for the other rides. Fair enough I guess since she’s now tall enough for all but two rides.

Flowers at Movie World

The girls spotted the lady doing hair braiding and decided they wanted to get some.

Amy getting braids

Amy's Braids

Of course Amy had to get the peace sign once I showed it to her.

Amy's peace braid

Christy getting some hair braids

Christy's braids

Then it was a few more rides on the Scooby coaster. My feet were in a bad way (old problem with hands & feet swelling) and I was in quite a bit of pain so it was good to relax and even put my feet up for a bit. While waiting we got to see the very unexciting parade.

IMG_0326 IMG_0327

IMG_0331 Batman

We actually missed the girls coming out of the ride but guess who can be seen in the last photo. They didn’t know where we were so went to watch the parade then came back to look for us. I had to laugh when I saw the photo.


Once they found us and did another go on Scooby then headed over to the Wild West to do the wet ride again.

Wet sisters

Then it was time for the last rides. Kevin and Amy went to do Superman (and got the front row) and Christy went off to do Batwing again (managing to do it 5 times in the time Amy did 2 goes of Superman).

Superman ride

We didn’t end up leaving until nearly 5pm and the girls had had a fantastic day. Kevin and I enjoyed watching them but didn’t like how old our bodies had made us feel :-(. Once back in the apartment we relaxed for a bit before Kevin was kind enough to go and out and get Nandos for dinner. My feet thanked him. I had my favourite vegetable pita. Delicious.


Then computer time to upload photos and write this post before heading to bed. The rest of the family is already there and it’s not even 8.30pm!

Tomorrow : Infinity (not for me), Australian Outback show and a swim.


  1. Lightening says:

    They didn’t have that large dryer thing when we were there. Good idea though – for the cooler days. I was too chicken to go on the Wild West Falls but the boys did. This post brings back lots of great memories. Absolutely LOVE Movie World. Wish we lived a bit closer to the Gold Coast.

  2. Lisa says:

    What fun! That superman ride is waaaaay too scary for me! Mr BBB and I had a go on it when we were on the Gold Coast last year and I was too scared to even scream hehehe

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