A day in my Life – 14th November, 2011

Sorry this post is so late. It’s been a busy week, yet I don’t seem to have done much!!!

Monday the 14th was another normal day..except this was what greeted me when I walked into the kitchen (the aftermath of a weekend away).


The sun was well and truly up when I got up around 7am, and let the dogs out.


And yes, that’s Rosie wearing the “cone of shame” – she’s made a big sore on her tail.


Spent some time with a  cup of tea, my laptop and my couch buddy.


Amy & Kevin headed off. Christy came down dressed for school and sat to write out her lunch order (due to no fresh bread).


I started the first of 3 loads of washing (another fun aftermath of a weekend away).


I did my normal routine of toast for Christy, feeding all the animals and then watering the veggie garden.


It was getting warm and when I checked the forecast saw we’re in for a hot one today. I decided to put the air con on already as I’ve got quite a bit to get done and really don’t feel like being hot and sweaty.


After Christy left for school I made a juice…



which I enjoyed before doing a load of washing up.


I then showered, got dressed, made the bed, put an another load of washing. I tidied the kitchen and then my desk.


and put some new photos onto the disk for our photo frame.


Then I hung out some more washing – both lines were needed today.

IMG_6345.jpg IMG_6346.jpg

For lunch I made a wrap with mexibeans, cheese and salad.


Afterwards I put on some music – yep, it’s time for Christmas music….


and made some Coconut Banana Bread in my new bowls. I’m gradually replacing all my plastic stuff and it’s so nice cooking with glass and ceramics.


Around 2pm I headed out to run a few errands (and get that bread we needed). First stop was the ATM to get some cash..the girls left me with $10.


I got my groceries and bread and had a few spare minutes before I had to be at the bus stop. So I limped up to Gloria Jeans and got myself an Iced Chocolate.

IMG_6352.JPG IMG_6353.JPG

Then to pick up the girls from the bus stop.


Being so hot the girls wanted some watermelon after school. Christy likes her diced like this. Amy prefers large triangles.


The girls then spent time in the pool cooling off. I put my feet up for a bit then bought in the washing, did some ironing and made some mashed potatoes for dinner.


I had the idea to put a sock around Rosie’s tail to stop her chewing on. That way I could take the cone off for a bit. And it doesn’t bother her at all.


When Kevin got home I got dinner served up. Amy had been good enough to shell all the peas while watching TV earlier. Nothing like fresh peas. Yum!



As I cleaned up the kitchen Kevin got the dogs their dinner.


Then I did a bit of work on my blanket.


and spotted a lovely sunset out the back.


We watched the last Mentalist and had some pies we had bought at the cafe yesterday. They looked so lovely.


And tasted so good with some fresh whipped cream. We shared 2 betwee


At 8.30pm I took Christy up to bed and read a chapter of our current book…


before putting my feet up and watching some more TV.


Around 9.30 I headed to bed. I made the mistake of starting a new book, Vengence In Death and then couldn’t stop reading. It was after 11pm before I put the kindle down.


  1. Amanda says:

    hey libby, i was going to get a kindle fire for christmas but was told aussies would have troubles getting content. what are your thoughts on this as i know kevin is a techo buff !! which kindle would you recommend? many thanks!

  2. Lisa says:

    what a lovely day!! Bring on more warm weather I say! (Although I might be regretting saying that in January when I am 34 weeks pregnant lol!

  3. Vanessa says:

    Oh how I hate the washing pile after a few days away. I love that you are getting rid of the plastic mixing bowls. i must do the same. i hate mixing stuff in them anyway. I like how yours have the pourer spout on the edge. very Handy.

  4. Ailsa says:

    Would you mind sharing some of your favourite juice recipes? They always look so delicious. I haven’t used our juicer in ages and would love to get back into it.

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