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There are LOTS of posts around about Project Life but a few people asked how I do it so I thought I’d share. I’m a lazy scrapbooker and a lazy project lifer. I figure it’s better to be done quickly and simply than not done at all. Even though we’re almost half way through the month I still hadn’t set up this years project life so I had the brilliant idea to pay the girls to do it – $2 each and it’s done!!

You can just do each week as you go but it’s easier as the year goes along if the inital set up is done. It probably takes 30mins max. to do it. Becky has a great video on how to do it.

IMG_1130.JPG IMG_1119.JPG IMG_1120.JPG

Here’s the first page of the Clemintine kit….just waiting on some photos….


And week 1 for 2012….


This is my forth year doing project life so it’s fun to compare weeks.





2009… I missed out on a kit this year so just made up my own – using free printables…


Unfortunately I’ve never actually kept up a whole year of Project life.

The first year, 2009, I only journalled till June, and added photos till August…


In 2010 I journalled til May (but then we went overseas for 6 weeks). I photographed the whole year.


Last year, 2011, I journalled till August and photographed the year. Still hoping to get back and finish the journalling.


At least each year sees an improvement on the last so hopefully this year I’ll keep up and make it ALL the way the end. I can print photos at home (on my Selphy printer) which makes it very doable to set aside 30mins a week for printing and journalling. At the moment I’m trying to pick a photo out daily and make journalling notes right on i-photo but maybe I should keep my journalling cards on my desk and just write up when picking photos.

You do see some wonderful looking Project Life albums on the web. Mine really is basic. It’s the kind of project you can make your own and do any way you see fit. even digitally.

Please let me know if you’re joining in this year.

6 thoughts on “Project Life

  1. My project life stays looks about the same as you, but I did journal til October last year. I am on my forth year and have decided I am going to do a photo book instead of the album. I am about half way through editing last years book and cannot wait to get it printed. We should set each other some challenges to get the back log cleared, I am going to do books for each year as I have storage space issues 🙂 Have your thought about the digital kit for the first kit to get it finished?

  2. This is my second Project Life and with this and my photo a day challenges which Ive tried for a couple of year, Im good for about three months then I stumble Im determined to finish it this year and am not going to stress over it. What Ive decided to do with my very old photos is sort them out into years and then use the Project Life kits for those years. At least they in an album with some journalling at the moment they are in boxes.

    Amanda if you see this Im trying to reply to you on your blog but am having trouble getting the comments section to come up.

  3. Sorry Libby forgot to say, great post. Stupid me forgot to put dates etc on mine so I posted it unfinished lol. Must of been having a bad day.

  4. Calling Christy & Amy…your mum has ripped you off!!!!!!!!!!!

    Great idea to get the girls to set it up (best $4.00 you ever spent. Ha!) I like the Clementine colour way. I also have a fair bit of journaling to catch up on from 2011 but all the photos are in place 🙂

  5. I just found something that could help with the journaling- check it out: Also- can you do the Shutterfly books? I started mine and it’s maybe the easiest thing ever, especially since you are used to doing photobooks. Of course, I bought TWO project life core kits, so what am I doing with those???? who knows?????

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