The week that was

It was a pretty quiet (and wet) week around here but a bit more of an exciting (but no less wet) weekend.

More rain

It was the week I got my own pillow pet…the white bunny…

Easter pillow pets - I got the white one :-)

and the week I found mushrooms growing in our front lawn….


It was the week Mum and I braved the horrendous weather to see Ronan Keating in concert….


returning the next night, this time with Christy, to watch the Hawks WIN against the New Zealand Breakers (who are currently ranked no.1)…


It was the week the Powell’s came for lunch….


and the girls had fun having fashion makeovers with Amy’s clothes….


It was the week of crack wraps (I didn’t make up the name) for breakfast….

Crack wrap

quorn (not chicken) stir-fries…

Stir fry

and baked veggies for dinner…


It was the week I baked gingerbread muffins…

Gingerbread muffins

and Amy made a vegan cake for Sat. lunch….


It was the week Rosie got stuck in the pool area….


Bailey was caught mid-lawn…


and the week Bailey turned green after rolling in some freshly cut grass…



It was also week of late nights as I became immersed in the world of the Hunger Games…. finishing of the 1st book, polishing off the 2nd and making good progress through the last)…. Amy has also listened to them all and Kevin has started as well…. I don’t actually own the books as I read on kindle….great when you finish one late at night and want to start the next…



  1. Cathy says:

    You always seem to pack a lot into your week Libby – love the green dog. No matter what colour they are I think they are quie special to you all.
    Perhaps you could blog about the gingerbread muffins sometime – they sound ‘intersting’ and I wouldn’t mind having the recipe.
    Take care

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