The Week that was

Oops a day late again…

It was the week that started with a VERY COLD walk over the hill from normal….




which meant the next day we returned to our normal walk – which is all in the sunshine (not trees)….


and it was the week that a bird tormented Rosie for a LONG time before she gave up trying to catch it….


It was the week of games played with Christy…including my first ever game of chess….


and a few games of Uno Stacks….


It was the week we finally booked our flights to USA…. definitely happening now…. and we got such a great price….


and it was the week of a fun delivery of scrapbook supplies….


It was the week Kevin completed a few odd jobs, including building a perch for the chooks INSIDE their house (but they still want sleep outside) and fixing my rangehood lights (a job which took him hours)….


It was the week I swapped my Summer scarves to Winter scarves….not that it’s been that cold yet….


and the week I got busy with the sewing machine and hemmed 5 pairs of trousers…


It was the week I received this fun mail for the Narnia exhibit (which we won’t be attending)…I actually got two so I must be very wise indeed…


and the week I got this new protein powder from the USA….


It was the week I enjoyed a fun shopping trip to Target with Mum followed by some morning tea at Gloria Jeans….


and it was the week I ate the last of my very favourite “limited” hummus….it was  sad day indeed….


It was the week Amy made us chocolate strawberries….


and the week I finally got back on track with my eating….which you can see from above I need too :-)….more info coming soon….

As always it was the week of pampered pooches…

IMG_2902.JPG IMG_2014.jpg IMG_2006.jpg

4 thoughts on “The Week that was

  1. Haha we have the same scarf (pictured top hanger on right) only thing is mine is a teal/blue-y/green-y colour – wore it to work today! Love the last photo of one of your pups asleep in the sun, what a good life! Pity more dogs didn’t get to experience that. Nice and cold here too, was 3 degrees this morning. Enjoy the rest of your week.

  2. You live in such a beautiful part of the World! I envy your views on your walks. Just stunning.

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