The Week that was


It was the week I celebrated being another year older….


IMG_3038.JPG IMG_3036.JPG

with a lovely high tea made by Amy & Nan….


It was the week of a visit to see my Granny in hospital…she is doing much better now and hoping to be back home soon….


and it was the week of a new look for my nails…


It was the week Christy made a power puff belt…


and had an impromptu singing performance….


It was the week I took last weeks injured dove to the vets, when we found it still hanging around on Monday…. they think it might have been it’s maiden flight as it didn’t have all it’s flight feathers….funnily enough Nan had a dove fly into her window the same day….


and it was the week Amy bought herself this phone cover…cause it had wings…. 🙂


It was the week of cold weekend walks….

IMG_2125.jpg IMG_2126.jpg

and the week of a gorgeous sunset on the way home from dancing at the girls new dance school….


It was the week Bailey enjoyed more car rides…


cuddles with Christy….


and a brush outside….




4 thoughts on “The Week that was

  1. Hi. Happy Birthday Libby. Don’t forget to let us know what goodies you received for your birthday.

  2. Happy Birthday Libby! Wishing you a happy, healthy, and prosperous year ahead. I love how the dog is looking at you with all your presents. It’s like she’s saying “OK – I know one of those is for ME.”

  3. Happy Birthday Libby! I hope you had a wonderful day and wish you a healthy and happy year :). All the best, Lucy

  4. Oh I hope you had a wonderful Birthday Libby! I am so sorry I was late in sending you birthday wishes… xxx

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