A day in my life – 1st July, 2012

Even though it was a Sunday morning I was still up around 5.30am. Today I had not only my laptop but my ipad as well. Our internet connection is rather slow and it’s easier to watch youtube on the ipad (though the quality is poor).


Around 7.30am I went to check on Lucky – who we have sleeping in a carrier – and discovered she had already laid her egg for the day – so she was free to go and join her sisters outside. Not sure if I mentioned we’re not allowed to eat her eggs for 4 weeks due to the anti-biotics she had.


Eventually Kevin appeared and got a big welcome from Rosie.


We decided we’d go and see a movie so I got online and booked our seats. We scored one free and had a gift card so it didn’t end up costing us anything.


When I went upstairs to get changed I found Bailey on our bed – naughty boy. He looks really mean in this pic :-).


As you can see it was a gorgeous looking day out.


I bought the washing down and put on a load before having some fresh juice (I’d made it yesterday and then not felt like it). Looks horrible but tastes great.


Then it was time to take the pups on a walk to the lake.


It was nice walking there but a bit cold on the way home as I was walking into the wind.


I found Christy having breakfast while playing zoo tycoon.


I headed upstairs again to shower and get ready to go out.


I quickly hung out the washing, grabbed a banana as I was hungry, and we headed off. And for once we left a few minutes early!!!  We got some Subway to have for lunch in the movie.


And the chosen movie? Brave – which I was very excited to see. A Disney Scottish historical movie. How perfectly me!


And we all loved it. Love a heroine who doesn’t need Prince Charming to save her and put things right. Though I did miss the romance :-). We had planned to have some afternoon tea at a new Max Brenner that has opened at Shellharbour but Christy had a blister on her foot and Kevin was feeling rather unwell so we decided to save it for another day. On the way back we did a quick stop for some groceries.


Not sure what was going on with this display but I loved the cow balloons.


Since we’d missed afternoon tea we decided to get a block of chocolate to share. We stood looking for plain dairy milk for ages before we finally realized it was in “green” packaging. It just looks so wrong not in purple packaging!


Back home Kevin headed up to have a bath since he was feeling so bad, so I decided to do some ironing while watching youtube.


Got it nearly all done, then hung out on the couch.


Afternoon tea was a chobani yoghurt – still in love with this stuff.


Then later Amy made us some popcorn.


Kevin surfaced after a snooze feeling a lot better, so we got started on tonights dinner. We had planned to make a fresh pizza base but instead got this one out of the freezer. It was made in Italy so it should be good.


We decided to keep the toppings simple with just pizza sauce, organic tomatoes and mozerella cheese.


It was fabulous. Will definitely buy more of the bases as they are kept in the freezer.


We enjoyed our dinner while watching Museum Secrets. This episode was on the Hermitage Museum in St. Petersburg, which we’ve actually been to.


Afterwards we watched a few episodes of Modern Family (we started watching all the series again and are now on series 2).


We all headed to bed around 9.30pm (though Amy had gone about an hour beforehand) and I did a bit of reading before going to sleep around 10pm.

3 thoughts on “A day in my life – 1st July, 2012

  1. I took a photo of the green and gold chocolate as well! Looks funny doesn’t it? Lucky it tastes the same. Great photos as always 🙂

  2. Sounds like a lovely day! I’m glad Lucky is doing well (how scary!!!) and I’ll have to look out for those pizza bases.

  3. Hi Libby. It’s such a small world. 9 years ago we lived in Mount Warrigal and went to the shopping centre at Shellharbour Square. We also visited the picture theatre near the square. Both our boys were born in Wollongong Hospital 14 1/2 years ago and 11 3/4 years ago. We probably passed each other at one time. Have a great week. xxoo

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