A Day in My Life – Friday 13th July, 2012

I’ve been getting up early again so I was awake around 5am. The usual dogs out, tea drunk, blogs read, dogs sleeping, etc.


Being a day at home during the school holidays it was a very lazy morning. Eventually I made myself a jaffle for breakfast.


The girls appeared and headed for their computers. As you can see Amy is on pinterest, which she loves.


I showered anddressed and attended to the normal morning jobs, before making some potato and leek soup.


Next it was time to hang out the sheets – washing both the girls bedding today.


Then I did a clean up of the pantry and fridge.


I then headed down to the shops. I took some photos with my i-phone but with both computers being out of action, some photos are not currently available.


I went to the chemist, the supermarket, bakery and fruit shop. Come home and unpacked and made a wrap for lunch. Christy & Amy had some of the soup.


After lunch I took some straw out to the chickens.


And since it had been such a warm day I was able to bring in the sheets and make up the girls beds.

IMG_3385.JPG IMG_3386.JPG

Then I walked into my bedroom and found this…. naughty Bailey…


I was feeling a bit sore this afternoon so didn’t do much. Christy was working on a Halloween countdown calender and Amy one for Disneyworld.


Eventually they headed of to Nan & Pops for Friday night BBQ. I made the dogs some dinner.


And when Kevin got home I served our dinner – which was a premade Organic Veggie Korma and leftover rice. I did take a photo (but it’s one of the missing ones). We watched Flying Wild Alaska and when Christy came back (Amy was sleeping over) we watched the last 2 episodes of Got to Dance UK.


And I was so excited that my favourite group Prodijig won!!! They are so awesome. Please watch if you haven’t seen them before.


It was after 10pm before CHristy and I headed to bed (Kevin had gone earlier) so it was straight to sleep after reading a few pages.


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  1. By Catherine, July 17, 2012 @ 12:40 pm

    I wish that I could get myself into bed at an earlier time it is so nice getting up early in the morning and you end up achieving so much. The girls went back to school yesterday sadly, I did enjoy the quiet and slow start to the mornings though. It’s very quiet here now without them but I am enjoying a bit of me time now:) I hope that you have a good week Libby:)