Homemade Necklace Display

I’ve been trying to work out how to store my necklaces for the longest time. I’ve tried a few different things but was never happy – too many would get tangled up. I’d seen some great necklace displays around and finally decided to try making my own. Talk about an easy project. I found an unused pin board, covered it with some spare material (just using pins to hold it in place), added some clear pin and ta-da…. all done.


Looking at the photos I’m thinking maybe I should have ironed the material before I used it – but I don’t notice it in real life.


When I originally thought of doing something like this I was going to mount it on the wall (somewhere) but it works really well here and can just slide in and out as needed.


My earrings and bracelets are still in the clear drawers (sorted by colour) and work well enough … unless I come up with a better idea.

How do you store your jewellery?

4 thoughts on “Homemade Necklace Display

  1. Hi Libby, I like this idea. I hang my necklaces off half a dozen hooks in my wardrobe, but I’m running out of space. I’ll give this one a try.

  2. Great idea! Mine are tangled in a wooden box… Might see if I have an unused inboard…

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