Sydney Shopping Haul

Here’s a video of my shopping haul from the weekend.

I enjoy putting these videos together but please let me know if you’d prefer things in blog or video format.

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  1. Briget says:

    Libby, what a great haul! Those cupcakes looked yummy (and the chocolate). You could almost eat the Lush bath “cakes” too.

    I love your haul videos. It’s like shopping along with you – and shopping in Sydney is not something I’m likely to do very often, so good fun for me.

    That Scottish castle DVD looks interesting too. I hope the teenager one helps. As the mother of a 24 year old son, I clearly remember those years (boys are bad too) and we now have conversations istead of grunts, so there is hope eventually!

  2. nellbe says:

    I do love your shopping video’s, thanks for doing them. I saw Lush in the States when I was there (just up the road from where we stayed) and it made me think of you as I know how much you love their stuff.

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