The Week that Was

Wow…. it seems like forever since I did a week that was post. And this one is late due to internet problems (which, of course, no-one wanted to fix on Christmas Day.

It was the week we returned from the USA and since it was a short week at home I don’t have too many photos to share.

and it was the week of a huge restock grocery shop, including supplies for Christmas….



It was the week I very excited to find Quality Street in the supermarket as I thought I’d missed out this year….


and it was the week I discovered THIS at Gloria Jeans…. and it’s almost as good as the Godiva one….


It was the week I painted my nails red for Kevin’s work Christmas party…. the same party we had to leave a bit early as I was suffering from really bad heartburn (thanks to my lovely hernia)….



It was the week Kevin destroyed my brand new ponsettia when he flew his brand new toy helipcoter in the house…. he’s supposed to be looking ashamed ….


and it was the week I got busy with a cup of Christmas tea and some of the above mention chocolates, and got to work wrapping presents….


And It was the week the puppies got to try out their new antlers…


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