Foodie Friday

I have to apologise for being such a bad blogger of late. I guess I’m still settling into the school routine and I’ve been making more of an effort to spend more time with the girls – like having our sit down afternoon tea. Plus as you will read soon, I’ve taken on a new food challenge this week – which has taken up some time with researching and planning and such. AND our internet has been mucking up. I’ve given up waiting to upload our weekend away video and will just share the photos (should be tomorrow).

Anyway, onto Foodie Friday.


This week featured a fun weekend in Sydney with LOTS of food treats, starting with mushroom crepes at Pancakes at the Rocks.


Then there was a delicious high tea enjoyed while cruising around Sydney harbour.


Dinner at the Hard Rock Cafe. Amy, Kevin and I shared potato skins and nachos.



Breakfast at Gloria Jeans.


And finally lunch at Wagamama’s.




On Wednesday I started a 2 week challenge to eliminate processed sugar from my diet. I did film a video but it’s taking too long to upload. I will still have a couple pieces of fruit a day but no juices, added sugars, and for this two weeks no sugar substitutes like maple syrup or honey. And I still buy foods with little/no additives and preservatives. I’m doing this to help my imflammation/arthritis and to break the sugar habit. Kevin has joined me which is fantastic as I think he has more of a sugar addiction than I do.


Obviously there was a big clean out of the pantry – look at all that space up on top where all our chocolate and dried fruit was.


At this stage it has all been moved out to our garage pantry. Out of sight out of mind.



I also filmed a grocery haul and luckily enough I took a couple of photos.

IMG_7711.JPG IMG_7712.JPG

This week I did muffin tin Monday for the girls – it’s been such a long time since I did one of these.


Other meals this week included cruskits with cheese and tomato….


Homemade falafels with hummus and some veggies….


A very misshapen veggie patty (note : don’t cook them in the George Foreman Grill)…


Overnight oats….


and popcorn….


I’m only 3 days into my no-sugar challenge but besides being hungry much of yesterday, things are going well. If anyone has gone or tried going sugar free I’d love to hear about your experience.


  1. Debbie says:

    Libby about 6 months ago we started to reduce and remove as much sugar as we could from our diet…i will type up some thoughts and send them through if you like – it’s not going as bad as we thought – we still have it sometimes but everyday life is alot cleaner and sugar free as much as we can. I have some great little goodies that I would love to share with yo that has helped make our sugar free journey better….If you don’t mind emailing me your address and I will send you a little package this week…

  2. Ailsa says:

    Good on you Libby! This is something I would like to do, but haven’t got motivated. All your food looks delicious and is making me hungry! Breakfast time 🙂

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