The week that was

Sorry AGAIN for the lack of blog posts. I’ve still been a bit under the weather, the Tour De France has been on, AND it’s school holidays so my routine is totally out of the window. Will try to do better, I promise.

It was the week of exciting moments for the Aussie team – 4 days in the yellow jersey…


and the fastest team….


It was the week I set some goals….


and the week we got some warm weather….IMG_5727.JPG

It was the week I had to visit my Granny to help her with her Ipad….


and the week Nan’s trees finally all turned orange…


It was the week Amy left for university 🙂


and the week Christy got a haircut….

IMG_4463.jpg IMG_4464.jpg

It was the week Kevin got back from the States and bought me lots of goodies from Bath & Body Works….


Don’t think we’ll be running out of little hand santizers any time soon….


And it was the week of matching dog positions….




6 thoughts on “The week that was

  1. Hi Libby
    Hope this finds you well. As usual the pups are gorgeous. Best wishes on achieving all your goals. Libby, could you perhaps do an update on your particular budgeting system? I think a few would find it interesting.
    kind regards
    Deidre 🙂

  2. Sorry you have been unwell, I have missed your posts but I have enjoyed your vlogs 🙂

  3. Hi Libby, I was glad to see a blog and am also glad you are feeling better. You are part of my morning routine now. LOL…. I have a cup of coffee and read your blog every morning. It’s much better than the bad news on TV and news papers. :-).
    I have to ask, in the photo that shows all the goodies that our hubby brought back from here in the States…. What is the pile of green things? Are they straws or ink pens or what? Lol just curious.
    Have a great day,

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