Project Declutter – The Coffee Table

For a long time I’d been putting off tidying up the coffee table. Be sure to watch the video above for more details.


In less than 10 minutes I turned this…


into this…


and this….


into this…


Do you have any projects that you’ve been putting off?

4 thoughts on “Project Declutter – The Coffee Table

  1. My daughter and I just cleaned and organized the cupboards under the kitchen sink. It was horrible! All kinds of old cleaning supplies, wallpaper paste, plant food, etc…. Very bad! But now it looks clean and organized into plastic tubs for each room. Such as kitchen supplies, bathroom supplies, etc….

  2. It’s me again! Lol…. Just wondering if you ever received your lost parcel of goodies, from Staples?

  3. Looks good Libby. I did Rhianna’s cupboards during the holidays as she is getting out of the toy stage now and of course as she grows clothes have to be tossed. I also did some of my craft stash.

  4. Looking great!

    I’ve been putting off – our study! Its started to get a little out of hand with a little Miss who likes to pull things of f the shelves!

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