Outside my window… it’s rainy, windy and rather cold

I am thinking…of how lucky I am to be able to home and pottering away at various jobs.

I am thankful… for a cup of green tea to warm me up after a walk outside

In the kitchen… I am making a barley and vegetable soup

I am wearing… comfy house clothes – blue pants and a bright orange long-sleeve top

I am creating…a new youtube video – my Winter favourites

I am going… to work on my budget

I am wondering… if I’ll time to make a start on my kitchen declutter today

I am reading… a book about simple living that I downloaded on my kindle

I am hoping… to make a batch of healthy choc chip cookies

I am looking forward to… the weekend and spending time with Kevin

I am learning… to be kind to myself

Around the house… things are pretty tidy and under control but I have Christy home with a cold

I am pondering… getting up and putting some towels/clothes in the dryer

A favorite quote for today… Make time to enjoy the simple things in life.

One of my favorite things… can it be two…my goldies, of course.

A few plans for the rest of the week: to start decluttering the kitchn

A peek into my day… first (pre) Spring baby spotted at the lake


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