The week that was….ending 11th August, 2013

It was the week was lovely walks to the lake….



and it was the week of the unfortunate sighting of lots of dead jellyfish…so strange…



It was the week of more pre-Spring blooms….


Not sure if this is a type of wattle or some other yellow flowering plant….


It was the week I helped Christy sort through her wardrobe….


and it was the week she did the artwork of NADOC week….


It was the week of this nail polish….


and it was the week I finally finished my Germany Smashbook with the help from some friends….


And it was the week of fun trip to the dog beach…



  1. Liz (aka Ninny) says:

    I love Smashbook, too. What another fun avenue to save things in. Spring is on it’s way in your part of the world and by the end of this month, we’ll be thinking about Autumn. School started for my grandkids and I’m back in routine after a fun summer. Hope you are feeling better. BTW, the heated eyelash curler is more trouble than it’s worth. It really heats up and one has to be very careful while using it, which takes a lot of time. So, not a fan.

  2. Vanessa says:

    Hi Libby,
    Hasn’t it been a glorious winter. The weather has been so warm lately and everything is starting to bloom. I really like that NADOC picture. How is your wellness plan coming along?

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