The week that was …ending 18th August, 2013

I’m going to stop making excuses for being so slack with my blog. But I have been very busy,and I haven’t been online as much as normal. I’m still trying to find time to fit in everything I want to do!!!


Don’t give up on me yet – I have quite a few posts planned and really hope to get back into a regular schedule.


It was the week I started work on a major declutter and clean of the kitchen (part of the reason I’ve been so busy)….


and it was the week Amy’s new quilt cover arrived….


It was the week I attended a Partylite candle party with Leanne….


where I was amazed to find a HUGE train set in the backyard… and the week I put my foot in it by assuming it was the husbands work!!!!


It was the week of lots of lovely walks to the lake…


and the week of a lovely sunset when arriving home late one day….


It was the week the girls did the 40 hour famine (Amy gave up food and internet, Christy gave up technology), and to celebrate the end we went to lunch at the Perfect Break Cafe in Gerringong…


where I had an amazing veggie burrito…


and later on we ended up at Cold Rock….


It was the week of a brief play for Christy….


and the week she drew me this cute horse….


It was the week of bright pink nails, before the weather turned cold again for a few days….


and it was the week of only ONE puppy photo…. as they were waiting to go over to Nan & Pop’s…..


One thought on “The week that was …ending 18th August, 2013

  1. Hi Libby,
    Yes, decluttering the kitchen, somehing I really need to do also, especially the tupperware cuoboard. I love that picture Kristy drew. She looks like she has some talent there. Hasn’t the weather been lovely, makes me all excited for Spring.

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