Canberra Getaway – Day 3

We took full advantage of the 12pm checkout and didn’t leave until almost that time. We relaxed, lazed about, played on laptops and enjoyed a yummy fruit salad.


After checking out we went to the Homemade Markets.


There was lots of great stuff but we only bought sea salt!!! If my girls were still young I’m sure I would have bought LOTS. The other stuff I did like was out of the current budget :-). As we were leaving (after about 30mins) Kevin got a cupcake and I got a juice – but it wasn’t very good.


We headed back to the Old Bus Depot Markets and Kevin decided he wanted to get another hat. He bought his current one from here over 10 years and it’s just now starting to come apart. He thinks he can fix it, but didn’t want to attempt it without having a back up hat.


We then went and bought all our fresh foods, including bagels, which are amazing from here.


and these dips we had sampled yesterday. Unfortunately we couldn’t find the ladies selling falafels.


We then bought some lunch from the food area but instead of eating indoors, I suggested we go down to the lake and have a “picnic” lunch. Today I had some Spanish food. It was good, but not amazing.


But the view certainly made up for everything.


And we made some new friends.



Whom eventually decided to come say hello…


and share my lunch (when I was finished eating, of course)….


Swans have long necks when the stretch them right out don’t they?


Then, reluctantly it was time to head home. We were absolutely spoilt with the weather this weekend. It was just perfect.



When I got home I found Amy had tidied up the whole house, which I thought was so sweet.


After unpacking, we had our first swim of the season, had some bagel melts made by Amy and settled in to watch Modern Family.

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