Weekend at Huskisson Beach


At this stage we are trying to get away every second weekend – at least while the weather is nice. On this weekend we headed down the coast – just 90mins from where we live. I hadn’t booked in anywhere and I when I rang the place we’d planned to stay they were booked out so we just decided to drive to Huskisson and hope for the best. The first tourist park was booked out, but the second, Huskisson Beach Tourist Park,  had spots in the camp area – which we actually preferred to the main park (it was just across the road).



After getting the motorhome set up (which takes 5-10mins) we walked back to the main office to book in. The beach is just across the road and was beautiful at this time of night (around 7pm).



I had made taco salads at home, so dinner was nice and easy.


The next day we went to the beach for an hour or so. It was warm out and the beach was beautiful.

We have never been here before and I didn’t realize the sand was so white. Just gorgeous.


Unfortunately the water was rather chilly (having dropped from 22 to 15deg in the last week) as you can see from my reaction :-).


But we managed to enjoy a bit of time in the water once we were totally numb.


The rest of the day was spent relaxing and reading back at the motorhome. I did go on a little walk after lunch over to the river. As you can see this was also a lovely spot and would be great with young kids.



Looking out to Point Perpendicular


We were also visited by this kookaburra (it’s on our neighbours towels).



Around 4pm Kevin joined me on a walk (with the promise on an ice cream).


The tide had gone out since my earlier visit here.




We walked around the headland and back up the beach we had swum at in the morning, then to the main office for our ice cream.


Dinner tonight was potato bake (that I’d cooked at home) with a Quorn burger and corn cob. Seemed like appropriate camping food.


On Sunday we enjoyed some pancakes for breakfast before driving around to Hyams Beach.


When we arrived it was raining so we waited it out in the van (having seen on the radar that it shouldn’t last long).


I have always wanted to visit Hyams Beach but was a little disappointed. It did not look like ANY of the photos I have seen. Not sure if it was because of the grey skies, or we were not at the right place (though the signs proclaimed this to be Hyams- maybe there is more than one part??).


We actually thought Huskisson was at least as nice, if not nicer. Guess, we’ll have to come back on a clearer day.


On our way home we made a tea stop as Kevin wanted to try make me a tea on the road.


Again it was just the three of us, but hopefully Athena will be able to come away with us soon. We had a really nice relaxing weekend away and will definitely be back to explore some more of the area.

Check out the video below if you want to see more our weekend.

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