Kauai Day 5 – A change of plans

Surprisingly I didn’t wake up until 7am so no sunrise pics this morning. However, I was in quite a bit of fibromyalgia pain. I took my normal pain meds and hoped (but was not confident) that they’d kick in before we had to leave at 8.30am.

Sadly I was still in a lot of pain an hour later so Kevin made the call to cancel our planned outing for this morning. Luckily they were able to rebook us in for tomorrow – which was a planned rest day. I was still hoping to be well enough to do “something” later in the day but for now I just worked on my many photos from yesterdays Na Pali trip.

By 12pm I was feeling SO much better so we decided to go out for lunch and have another little look around Target.

You probably won’t be too surprised to find we went to Verde again, having enjoyed it so much on our arrival day. We had planned to order the same but sadly they had no vegan crumbles left. No to worry the vegetable filled vegan tacos were almost as good (just a little more spicy and messy – for me anyway).

I was wearing the dress I knew I had to buy for this Hawaii trip and even had a lady come up to me and say how much she loved it !!

After enjoying lunch we drove over to Target and had a shop around there. It was nice to be a bit more relaxed today and definitely not so tired. We picked up a few things, a few more food items and of course, another Starbucks. I got a lovely glass starbucks cup (to keep) for my Dragon Drink today (which actually came with coconut milk today).

Back at the apartment we got changed into our swimmers and stopped by the laundry to put on our washing, before heading around to the pool.

The pool temp is lovely and it was nice to be in the water again.

We swam around for a bit and then enjoyed a little lie in the sun. And I changed over the washing (just a 1 min walk to the laundry) to the dryer (well what I wasn’t going to air dry on the lanai).

I took some more flower photos on the way back to our apartment.

Kevin flew the drone so you can see the beautiful area around the resort. I really love it here because it’s nice and quiet and definitely not too busy. There isn’t a lot to do, which suits us just fine. We have the pool, a very comfy apartment and a view of the ocean.

We settled in for the evening, with me still working on a blog post (yesterdays one took quite a long time with all the photos), Kevin collecting the laundry and me refilling our meds for the week, then having dinner and watching some YouTube.