Day 15 – Our first day at EPCOT

I woke up about 5am and we so happy to be able to make a cup of tea. I boiled the water in the bathroom to not be too noisy for Christy and luckily she is a deep sleeper so I didn’t disturb her. I worked on blog posts until 7.30am and then headed for my shower and to get ready for the day. I enjoyed a toasted bagel for breakfast for sitting on our balcony.

Then before 9am we walked over to the Skyliner for our first trip on it over to EPCOT. Such a fun and relaxing way to get to the park. Much better than the walk we had at Universal. The only takes about 5mins and you arrive right at the back entrance to EPCOT – which does seem a little strange when we are so used to arriving at the front.

The plan was, in fact, to head towards the front part of the park, do some things there and then work our way back to the back entrance/exit. So we did have a bit of a walk when we first got into the park and made our way to The Land Pavillion.

Our first ride was Soarin’ Around the World, with a 20min wait. This is always an enjoyable ride. When we got off the wait was 40mins.

Next was Living With the Land – which we hadn’t done for about 8 years. We did have a DAS booking but the wait was short so, though we used it, we didn’t really need it. We all really enjoyed this boat ride through all their gardens – all of the food grown is used in the restaurants. I wouldn’t mind doing this again as it was hard to take everything in.

Kevin wanted to get a snack from the Sunshine Season Food Court and though he didn’t end up getting anything, Christy got a M&M cookie – which Kevin ended up eating most of !!

We had a little rest and were then on our way over to ride Finding Nemo. We had only got the DAS pass for this while we were sitting having a snack and we were glad we did when the wait was 35mins by the time we got there. Another cute ride.

We then spent some time checking out all the fish in this aquarium type area.

And, of course, my favs. the manatees (which have been injured and are being treated here).

We then went for a wander around Spaceship Earth and to see the new entrance area to the park.

There were a few photopass photographers around so we were able to get some photos.

We then had a little sit down rest in the shade before watching The Jammitors – which was good little show (though hot standing in the sun – the top temp today was 28C). Though it was only 12pm we decided to place our order for lunch at 1.20pm so it would be ready to pick up later.

After that we went to Club Cool to sample some softdrinks from around the world. Some were really good and some not so good. Not sure how but Kevin actually got me to try the Beverly (don’t think I ever have before since I knew most people thought it was awful). And yep, it was awful, though Kevin is one of those weird people who like it. My fav was the tropical tasting Country Club from the Dominican Republic.

We were very excited to check out the new Creations store but were sadly dissapointed. The store it replaced was one of my favs but I don’t think there much here that we won’t find at World of Disney and other stores around the parks. But it was quite busy while we were there so maybe that’s why I didn’t like it.

Since we were so quick in the store we still had time to wait for lunch. It worked out well though because it meant we got to have decent break. We found a table in the Connection/Starbucks cafe buidling – which is huge. They even have some nice little couches with foot stool here – which would be the perfect location if you had a long wait for people.

After a while Kevin spotted a free booth so we moved to there but I’m not sure it was any more comfortable and part of it was in the sun. Finally (about 20mins after we said we were ready for our lunch order) Kevin was able to pick our lunch. Only to discover problems with getting our drinks. Kevin dropped off our lunch and went back to get the drink. But mine was unavailable for now and we were told to come back. I would have rather just gotten my money back but that didn’t seem to be an option. Kevin wasn’t impressed at how unorganised they seemed to be in the mobile order section of the cafe.

Thankfully my vegan curry pizza was absolutely delicious and I was given 2 HUGE pieces (one so big I had to cut it in two). Kevin said his kids burger was okay (but cold and dry by the time he got to eat it) and Christy enjoyed her fries. Kevin was enjoying his (alcoholic special drink) but started to feel unwell and get the sweats (which he can get usually when eating super sweet foods) so he decided not to drink anymore in case it was from the drink.

We waited a bit for Kevin to feel better and finally headed to Guest Services to try and work out the Memory Maker photo pass that I had prepurchased. Funnily enough I think we were almost there with it but it just been a bit too confusing. Anyway, we quickly got it sorted and can download our photos.

It was then time for our DAS pass to ride Spaceship Earth. It wasn’t needed at this time though (2.30pm) as the lines had died down to a 5min wait. As always we enjoyed this ride and planning for our future at the end. Christy, who was seated behind us, said our videos of the future were almost identical.

We now started our walk back towards World Showcase, stopping to check out a few shops – mainly in search of magic bands but none of could find any we were in love with.

We stopped at the Canadian pavilion and shop for a look around. If you want a really quiet spot to hang out towards the back here is perfect.

There was a store across from here selling Twinnings Christmas tea so Kevin bought us 4 boxes since it’s one of our favs and yet we have none with us.

Next up with the UK pavilion. Lots of lovely things here and it was nice to here some British accents and a Hi-ya as we entered the store. I just love it in here. I really need to visit the UK again soon – it’s been way too long. I ended buying a nice double ended Alice in Wonderland oven mit saying “It’s always tea time”. Pretty perfect for me don’t you think?

World showcase we getting pretty crowded now as people were coming in to eat and drink at the Festival of the Holidays booths. We had managed to get a DAS pass for Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure so we headed past our exit to the French Pavilion. They have done a wonderful job with this area and it is just stunning. And the closest we’ll get to France for some time yet.

The wait time for Remy’s was ???. I am so appreciated to have the DAS pass and it’s already proved so worthwhile for us. No way could I have waited in such long, noisy lines – which would mean I’d have to miss an awful lot of rides. The ride was pretty cute – though I think we’d already seen much of it in youtube videos. Christy wasn’t impressed and said once was enough but I’d like to do it again to pick up more – I do find it hard wearing 3D glasses on top of normal glasses – I’m pretty sure I don’t get the best viewing of rides like this. Cute as it was there is no way I’d want to wait too long for this ride as it is one of the short ones.

Since we were in France Kevin had to get a crepe. In fact, he had been talking about them all day. Christy and I found a nice bench to sit on while Kevin ordered and then ate his crepe. He was pretty disappointed in it though and was really just wanting a nice lemon and sugar like he used to be able to get from the old crepe stand.

Finally it was time to end our day at the park, after taking some more photos, and catch the skyliner back to the Riviera Resort. I cannot say enough how wonderful this was. We are so pleased the the Riviera is one of our home resorts.

More photos, this time of the absolutely stunning murals, and we were back in our room with our feet up and a cup of Christmas Tea to enjoy.

I worked on this blog post for a while before enjoying a nice bath (the bath here is incredible), having dinner (another frozen dinner since Kevin just wanted to have some fruit) and watching a couple of YouTube videos with Kevin (he’s been really missing this). By 9pm I was crashing and went right to sleep without even reading one word !!