Foodie Friday

Well, since I missed last weeks Foodie Friday I have quite a bit to share with you. I’m pretty sure I already mentioned I’m back doing the “almost” no sugar thing. It’s working great again. Lack of interest in food, getting full quicker, LOTS more energy and obviously some weight loss. The only downside is that I’ve been spending a LOT of time in the kitchen – lucky I’ve got that extra energy.

So what have I been enjoying? Breakfast is still mostly a green smoothie, but some days I’m in the mood for something different… like scrambled eggs & salsa…


or banana on toast with a protein shake…


or a protein pancake…


Lunch is usually a salad with bean patties, hummus & pineapple… unless I’m lucky enough to go out for lunch to a local cafe….


or crave a bread roll…


or some stir-fried veggies….


or a change of pace with a mexe-bean salad….


Dinner is where you will find the most variety and I’ve been really good at including a couple of new recipes into the menu plan each week. Some have been winners, some edible but I wouldn’t repeat.

Usually Monday night is an easy one, though on this occasion I made cheesy cauliflower at Christy’s request, to go with our quorn schnitzel…


Vol a vents with quorn bolognase and veggies….


Quinoa cauliflower patties. Didn’t look good but tasted great.


Quorn Bolognase sauce (pasta for them, brown rice for me)…


Mushroom & Kale Fried Rice…. loved this…


My favourite veggie pie from a not-so-local bakery…


Homemade Mexican pizza (I wasn’t a fan but the others liked it)….


Luckily I’d made a plain cheese for Christy so I ate that….


Cheesy quorn casserole – another that was just okay.


Veggie Patty & veggies…


Quorn meatballs with angel hair pasta (didn’t like the pasta sauce I had bought)…


I’m not doing a lot of snacking these days but I try to have some things on hand for when I want a little something or to put in the girls lunches (which I  seem to be back in charge of making!!!).

Our beloved Bliss Balls….


Chia Cookies from Clean Cuisine. These are another favourite of mine and the girls.


I also made a really yummy sugar free banana bread.

Have you tried any new recipes lately? I’ve been going through my food inspiration pinterest board when I do my menu planning for the week.

Foodie Friday

Firstly, I know it’s Saturday (here in Australia) but since it’s still Friday in Germany…… Goodness hard to believe that this time last week we were sitting in Munich airport ready to start the long journey home.

Secondly, I just want to apologise for not replying to comments you wonderful people have left on my blog the last few weeks. While we were overseas I stopped getting email notifications about them which is the easiest way for me to reply to them. I’ve still read them (once I realized what was going on) and appreciate them all. Hoping Kevin will be able to fix things up for me this weekend.

Okay, so on with Foodie Friday. As you can imagine I came home to a rather empty fridge. Nan had picked up a few things for me, so I managed to hold off on a proper grocery shop till Tuesday.



I’m trying really hard to make sure I only buy what I need, so I did a menu plan before heading out. This meant I actually didn’t spend anywhere near what I had thought I might. $150 in the supermarket and a further $65 on fruit & veg.




After a couple of days to settle back into routine, I recommitted to being sugar free (on a normal daily basis).  Even with all the indulgences I had in Germany (bread, cheese & chocolate anyone???) I’m very pleased to report my weight was EXACTLY the same when I got back. I’m sure all the walking played a big part but I obviously didn’t overdo things too much. Hopefully it won’t be too hard to get the weightloss ball rolling again.

Breakfast this week included…. scrambled eggs with cheese & salsa… such a delicious change to bread rolls & cheese…


rice crackers with hummus, tomato & cheese and a perfect fit shake …


and a return to my beloved green smoothies….


My very first lunch (at home) was a recreation of the lunch I had in Bangkok airport. Not quite as good, but pretty close.




Then it was back to my normal daily salad. With falafel….


and bean patties…


I’m forgetting to photograph my food so only captured one snack (first day back sugar free)


and one dinner – homemade fried rice.


Other dinners included takeaway pizza (Sunday night), nachos, takeaway noodles,  and yorkshire pudding & veggies.

Do you have any foods you are dying to have after a trip away? For me it was green smoothies and hummus (not together, of course).

Foodie Friday

It’s still Friday isn’t it? My mind is in a bit of a muddle as we get ready to head to Germany TOMORROW…. that’s crazy. The time has come around so fast. It also means this will be the last Foodie Friday for about a month but I will be sharing most of the food I eat in Germany in my daily blogs.

As you can see I didn’t buy many groceries this week and I should have taken a photo of the fridge as it’s almost empty.


I did veer a little of track with my healthy eating around mid-week… slipped into holiday mode a little early I think. But I’ll worry about repairing any damage when I get back.

Breakfast was still mostly my smoothie but one morning I made a delicious veggie omelette and another morning I had a Gloria Jeans Iced Chocolate – I really enjoyed it as it was the first one I’d had in a month (and I won’t have another for a very long time).


Lunches were more varied this week. There was pita bread with cheese & salad….


Thai for Sunday lunch at Nan & Pops….


and a delicious tortilla in a bowl – so yummy….


Dinners were pretty quick and easy as it was a rather busy week. There was Quorn Snitzel & veggies…


a open faced veggie burger…


On Tuesday night we went out for dinner (the girls and I had been to the hairdresser and looking good so I made Kevin take us out) to Hogs Breath Cafe. I opted for two side dishes – veggies and mashed potatoes.


We also enjoyed homemade pizza…


and Christy and I had pizza again (this time on pita breads) another night…


There was pasta with cheese (the others had Arribatta sauce but I didn’t feel like it)..


And there was soft (soy) tacos…


Now the sugary stuff. Don’t worry I’ll be going back to sugar free living when I get back from our trip.

Having given up so many things for the last month I really did enjoy my treats this week. Like this scoop of ice cream…


and scones with jam & cream (Amy & I shared so it was only one each)….


I treated the girls to muffin tin Monday…. I just had some cheese & crackers…


and there was a very failed choc chip slice – luckily I had made two and Amy was able to salvage enough to take to school. I blame our oven – I’m going to have to prioritize getting it repaired when we get back (it’s been mucking up for some time).



Foodie Friday

You’ll be pleased (and probably surprised) to hear that I enjoyed some treats (as you’ll see) over Easter but got right back on track with my eating. I’ll start with what I ate over the Easter long weekend, as that is definitely the most interesting.

Easter show eats (still can’t believe how well I ate, but I just ate what I wanted).

There was, of course, a corn cob. Plus homemade gnocchi…


a delicious ice cream that was bought for me….


strawberries and cream…


and the best Thai dinner I’ve ever had….


and as a treat before bed, one very delicious lemon cupcake…


Easter Saturday we enjoyed a vegetable quiche….


some sponge cake…


and pasta with tomato sauce…


Easter sunday I enjoyed brunch…


and, of course, a few eggs…


Dinner was finger food (forget to take a photo). Lunch on Easter Monday was homemade pizza at the Powells.


Breakfast remains a smoothie, with varying fruit. This was cherry – delicious.


Though one morning it was cold and miserable looking so after a walk (in the rain) I cooked egg (which was a double yolker from our chooks) and some asparagus. Was yummy but didn’t keep me as a full as my smoothie does.


Lunch too remained a salad, though one day I stir-fried some veggies and had with some veggie bites.


Other dinners were honey soy “chicken” and brown rice…



and potato with Quorn bolognase sauce….


With just over a week to go till our Germany trip I didn’t buy too many groceries, but we did need some more fruit  & veg…


and some dairy…


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