Menu Plan Monday


Okay, let’s start with the recap of last weeks meals.

Monday – I got off to a great start and forgot to take a photo of our Brown Rice Patties. We only thought they were OKAY – a little tasteless despite the sauce we put on them.

TUESDAY – Bean & Corn Enchiladas – We all LOVED these and will def. make again (thanks Bel)

Bean & Corn Enchilada

WEDNESDAY – Vegetable Pie (bought from an award winning bakery that I don’t get to very often)

Vegetable Pie

THURSDAY : Got Kevin to bring in Pizza from Dominos after a busy day out and about. Forgot to get a photo – we had cheese, tomato, pineapple & onion with BBQ sauce on a thin crust. YUM!!


FRIDAY : Away in Melbourne – Vegetable Pita from Nandos

Veggie Pita from Nandos

SATURDAY: Away in Melbourne – Noodle Soup

Dinner - Noodle Soup

SUNDAY: No vegetarian food on flight home so I got a spinach & cheese pastie from Gloria Jeans to eat in car on way home – wasn’t that nice though so didn’t eat much.

Meals ideas for the upcoming week

– Baked Cheesy Macaroni (might make tonight)

– Homemade Bean Burgers

– Pumpkin Curry with Lentils

– Sweet Bean Burritos

Menu Plan Monday


I’ve decided to get a bit more creative in the kitchen and as part of that I’m not going to be doing a proper menu plan. I will have a few receips in mind to make but I’ll be winging it a lot more, based of what I have in the house and what is needing to be used up. I going to try and take photos of each dinner to share with you the next week (except I already forgot Mondays)

Kevin & I go to Melbourne on Friday for a long weekend so we’ve only got 4 nights at home this week.

Meal ideas

Monday : Brown Rice Patties

Possibilities – Baked Cheesy Macaroni

– Sweet Corn & Bean enchiladas.

For more menu ideas be sure to visit the Organising Junkie.

Menu Plan Monday


I didn’t do a  menu plan last week but we did eat in every night, except last night we ordered pizza. I made a new recipe – soy sausage casserole which was a big hit.

MONDAY: Filled pasta with cheese sauce

TUESDAY: Roasted vegetables on quinoa

Leftover lunch

WEDNESDAY: Vegetable burgers

THURSDAY: Sweet Corn and Bean Enchilidas (inspired by Bel)

FRIDAY: Marinated Tofu and veg stirfry with brown rice

SATURDAY: Friends for dinner (BBQ)

SUNDAY: Chili con carne or leftovers

For more great menu idea visit the Organising Junkie.

Menu Plan Monday & Muffin Tin Monday


Last week went well. We all enjoyed dinner by Amy on Tuesday night. We had our own personal menus and were served Spring Rolls with wedges.

Amy's home cooked dinner

And apple crumble for desert. It was delicious.

Amy's desert

Then we were served tea and berry muffins while the girls put on a show.

Girls putting on a show

Kevin is away for 5 nights this week so I’m only cooking for Amy and myself (Christy always has toast of some sort).

MONDAY: Rissoto / leftover pasta for Amy (to eat before dancing)

TUESDAY:Pumpkin Lasagne (Amy to make)

WEDNESDAY: Veggie Snitzel and veggies

THURSDAY: Possibly take-away pizza

FRIDAY: Not sure (just me tonight)

SATURDAY: Homemade pizza (didn’t have it last week)

SUNDAY: Leftovers (hosting Mother’s Day lunch)

For more great ideas check out the organising junkie.

muffin tin monday logo

No theme this week so we’re back to the normal after school snack.

Muffin Tin Monday

Don’t forget to stop by Her cup overfloweth to see more great muffin tin meals.

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