Learning to love yourself


The lovely Caitlin of Healthy Tipping Point and Operation Beautiful has just released her book and to celebrate she has challenged her readers to write about “changing the way you see not the way you look”. To me this comes down to what we say to ourselves about our bodies. For far too many years I would continually put myself down – I was too fat, had too many freckles, etc. Sure it might have true but by focusing on the negative it became harder and harder to find the positive and therefore strive towards the life I wanted. And while to could to control (or in my case, not control) my weight I was totally powerless in regard to my freckles.

I’m still on my journey to find my ideal healthy body but with losing a substantial amount of weight and getting a whole lot fitter my attitude has shifted and I really believe that’s the key to reaching our optimal healthy body. While I’m far from thin I know I am healthy because I fuel my body with the right foods and I know I’m reasonably fit because I make time to do some kind of activity every day (and I love it). But the biggest change has been how I talk to myself.  The fat talk has ended. These days I feel comfortable in my own skin (most of the time). Sure it still needs a lot of work but I can see the positives. I have lovely red hair, clear skin, fit comfortably into my clothes, have defined muscles in my arms and legs,  can ride my bike and, at nearly 40 years old, feel in the best shape of my life.  And I can even laugh about my different sized legs (due to a blood clot), saggy skin (due to weight loss) and stretch marks (due to babies). After all we are so much more than how we look. And that’s the biggest thing to realized in  learning to love yourself. These days I eat and exercise before it makes me feel good! And that in turn makes me look good – in my own eyes at least. And I find the better the feel about myself, the better I treat myself, the better I talk to myself, and it keeps going round.

One thing that Operation Beautiful has taught me is that so women don’t see themselves the same way that we see them and even hate their bodies. I never realized it was quite so previlent in our society. It’s just so sad. Us women spend far too much time and energy not loving ourselves but thanks to Operation Beautiful I hope that will change and women, esp. young girls, will learn to love themselves however they look.

Hurray for Cadbury


For those of you, like me, who love chocolate there is some good news. Cadbury are now selling blocks of fairtrade milk chocolate. How wonderful is that? I haven’t bought much Cadbury over the last few years as I like to buy Fairtrade so it was fun to buy some today. I try to eat dark chocolate myself (fairtrade of course) but Christy enjoys her milk chocolate. Anyway, just wanted to make sure all my fellow chocolate lovers knew about this. I think it’s so wonderful that the cocoa workers will be get paid a decent wage and be looked after, and Cadbury aren’t even increasing the price of the blocks! So it’s really the best of both worlds.

I believe it’s already available in the UK, and Canada and New Zealand are soon to follow. I hope next year I can buy fairtrade Easter Eggs – now that would be truly great! I hate buying chocolate that I know is heavily reliant on child labour (and by default child trafficking).



How to look good naked

Okay, I bet that title got your attention. In case you have no idea what I’m talking about – it’s the TV show “How to look good naked”. I prefer the British series by Gok Wan but there is also an American version. If you are like most women and don’t like parts of your body you really need to see this show. It is just amazing and sad at the same time. Some women hate their bodies so much. Sometimes I might dislike my body but in no way do I hate it.  Even my batwing arms, awful as they, serve as a reminder of the weight I’ve lost.

If you have never watched Gok, do yourself a favour. Either check him out on Austar/Foxtel or watch some of the episodes on youtube. He’s such a character and I love how much he loves womens bodies (even though he’s gay). Even Amy loves Gok and the show sends such a good message. I always feel happy after watching.

Goals & Word for 2010

Libby 2009


**** Blog EVERY DAY (where possible)

Take a digital scrapbooking class – already enrolled

Look for some volunteer work (there must be something out there I’d enjoy doing)

Less time on the computer (a tough one for sure)

Complete Project Life (daily photograph)

Develop crocheting and sewing skills

Make more homemade gifts (or buy homemade if necessary)

Read more books on simple living, homemade craft, cooking, etc (borrow from library where possible)

Have a fabulous – no regrets – trip to the UK!!!



Start and Complete the Diamond Club with Valerie Waters

Make at least one new recipe each week

Get back to menu planning

Focus on healthy foods for the whole family



Work on making my home more “homey” with craft and handmade items

Incorporate detailed cleaning into my weekly routine

Develop veggie garden

Try to have fresh flowers in the house most of the time



More one on one time with all family members – make dates if need to.

Spend more time with friends

Monthly family day out (we all loved this when we were doing it)

Help Christy with her reading and spelling

Weekly game/movie night


EDITED to add my word for the year.


I bought myself this cute little necklace a few months ago as a reminder to BELIEVE in myself (and what I can achieve). I think it’s a great word to embrace this year.

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