Hurray for Cadbury


For those of you, like me, who love chocolate there is some good news. Cadbury are now selling blocks of fairtrade milk chocolate. How wonderful is that? I haven’t bought much Cadbury over the last few years as I like to buy Fairtrade so it was fun to buy some today. I try to eat dark chocolate myself (fairtrade of course) but Christy enjoys her milk chocolate. Anyway, just wanted to make sure all my fellow chocolate lovers knew about this. I think it’s so wonderful that the cocoa workers will be get paid a decent wage and be looked after, and Cadbury aren’t even increasing the price of the blocks! So it’s really the best of both worlds.

I believe it’s already available in the UK, and Canada and New Zealand are soon to follow. I hope next year I can buy fairtrade Easter Eggs – now that would be truly great! I hate buying chocolate that I know is heavily reliant on child labour (and by default child trafficking).



2 thoughts on “Hurray for Cadbury

  1. Hi Libby
    Yes, I saw this in the supermarket last week. Now I can pig out without feeling guilty. I just wish they would start doing an organic range.

  2. Have never seen that before…I wonder why Cadbury thought to add “Same Great Taste”, as if child labor makes a difference in the flavor of the chocolate! Maybe it’s man-made chocolate, like Chatham emeralds or lab created sapphires! LOL…With Cadbury taking the initiative, maybe other chocolatiers will follow.


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