Weekend Food Fog

Okay… we’re not going to dwell on how bad eating was over the weekend and i hardly took any photos – so I’ll just give some highlights.

Lunch on Saturday was leftover pizza..dinner was tacos made with TVP…



Sunday was Mothers Day. I was bought tea and freshly baked cookies in bed. I didn’t eat all of these mind you :-).


Later we had breakfast…


my portion..


We then headed off for a day at Belgenny Farm. Lots of fun but nothing proper for me (being vegetarian) to eat so I kind of snacked…

an icee…


chocolate covered strawberries…

Chocolate covered strawberries

and some cookies in the car on the way home. Needless to say I rather starving when we got home at 4pm so enjoyed some cheese and crackers.

Later I dug out some fried rice from the freezer which we enjoyed for dinner.