Let the school holidays begin

Well, the school holidays officially begin today, which also means the end of my “old life” as after the holidays Christy starts school and I have no more little ones at home during the day. I must admt I’m looking forward to it – partly becuase I’m looking forward to more free time for me (I plan to start writing again) and a bit of quiet and partly cause I know Christy is NEEDING to be at school (her behaviour hasn’t been the best the last couple of months but I think she’s just bored and wanting to learn).
I’ve done all my Christmas shopping (most was done by mid-Nov) and everything is wrapped. I’ve just a few things to do around the house (including Belle and the guinea pigs their Christmas baths) and lots of baking to do. After Christmas I have absolutely NO PLANS for a whole week – now I’m sure we’ll do plenty but it’s so nice to have the option to do nothing or just hang out in the pool is the weather every returns to “summer”. Not that I’m complaining too much as I do prefer cooler weather but it would be nice to be swimming over the holidays.
Poor Kevin has had a really bad week with machines at work blowing up. It’s going to cost him heaps to replace it all and the insurance company won’t cover it so he’s plenty stressed at the moment. He’d planned to have today off but in light of this weeks events couldn’t afford to take the day off. I imagine he’ll now be working all next week as well, and is thinking he might not be able to come of the houseboat either – hopefully that won’t eventuate as I know the girls would be very dissapointed.
Amy came home from school sick at 1.30pm yesterday and has been laying around ever since. Poor thing. I hope she improves soon and doesn’t give whatever it is to the rest of us.

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