Day 5 & 6

Wednesday 25th April

Woke up at 6.45am, showered, dressed adn got everyone ready. A quick breakfast at Windjammers and put Christy into kids club – Amy decided she wanted to com with us to see Mazatlan. We disembark and hop ona bus for our Colonial Country tour. We headed out of town and were amazed to see people standing and sitting the backs of trucks and also the open air taxis. The houses are so small – some you can see straight into the bedrooms and the whole house would fit into our bedroom. We stopped to see abode bricks being made and Amy got a doll for her and Christy froma lady who was sitting making them. Next stop was a tile maker and we got to sample to yummy local bread. Then on to see some basket weaving and furniture being made. Also saw som goats (Amy got to hold a baby one) and chickens here – very much free range !!! Next to Cordina where we got a free drink and saw the local 300 year old church. The countrryside was just lovely – and yes, we spotted quite a few cactuses. Then it was back to Mazatlan. to see to Pantalaya Flyers – this was great – and Amy got her hair braided for $25 while we waited – pretty good value I think considering how much hair she has. Back on the bus for the drive along the coast and back to the boat. Mazatlan itself looked very like a very nice tourist time and it would have been nice to see more of it (but I loved getting to see a bit more of the real Mexico and it’s people). We have a late lunch at Windjammers then collect CHristy so the girls can have a swim. Amy left around 4pm and went back to kids club for an hour. I sat in the sun and had a swim with Christy. Back to the room to get dressed, then went to sit on deck 6 and watch as we left Mazatlan. Casual night in the resturant. Amy to kids club and Christy to bed to try and catch up on some sleep.


Thrusday 26th April

Up around 7am. Get dressed, breakfast at Windjammers then off the boat in Peutra Vallarta. Pretty port – have quite a few photos getting off plus one of the girls with a real sea lion. All aboard for our Pirate Adventure, complete with music from Pirates of the Carribean. We had the best day. OUr pirate, Ricky, was great about getting us lots of drinks – Amy and I enjoyed quite a few virgin pina colada. On the way there were som games and a pirate show. Once at our bay we went ashore in small boats. It wasn’t the best beach as it was quite rough. We just put Christy in her life vest (which we all had to wear in the small boat) and swam out beyond the breakers. We didn’t sit down during our 2 hours stay. We swam, the girls and Kevin went on the banana boat about 3 times (they saw dolphins and on their last ride got tipped off). We had a quick go of kyaking, Christy played with one of the pirates (they were so great with the girls – with everyone really) and the girls played tug-of-war on the beach. Back on the pirate ship we were served lunch below decks. Christy was hungry, tired and grumpy and ended up falling asleep on me. There were BBQ ribs and chicken (for the non-vegetarian), rice, salad, fries and bread. Back up on deck for more games (CHirsty woke up and had some fries) and the kids got to dance on stage and receive a special pirate medallion and a balloon sword. All to soon we were back in port. We thoroghly enjoyed this family tour – the crew could not do enough for us or the kids. Definitely a tour a would do again.

We quickly headed back to the ship, stopped to get the seal photo on the way and have a photo with a makaw. Back at the room we all have a quick shower and get changed. The girls go to kids club and Kevin & I go ashore for our next excursion – Rythms of the NIght. Another boat ride where we enjoy a buffet dinner sitting right beside the beach. Was a very nice meal, though not much vegetarian (did have yummy tortillas though). Then it was time for the show – no photography unfortunately and no where to buy photos. The show was very impressive – the dance and music fantastic. We were a little disapointed it was not dark yet as I had expected and the whole tour seemed a little rushed (but there was another show later). It was probably also had to live up to the great day we’d had. We enjoyed the sunset on the way back, but not the singing they tried to get us to participate in (we are NOT party people). Still a very good tour and I’m glad we went.

Back on board Vision we picked up Christy from the PJ Party @ kids club and Amy came back to the room not long after. Very sad there is no more Mexico. I have loved the country and the people.

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