Back home again

Well, I have to admit it’s kind of nice to be home again – it’s certainly nice to see our animals and have space to move. The cruise was great – absolutely loved Mexico and it’s people. Enjoyed Seaworld and Legoland and then Disney. This is where my well-laid plans fell apart. On our second day Amy was vomitting. I took Christy to the parks for the morning and then we decided to get the doctor to do a hotel visit. $300 later he told us he suspected Appendicitis and to take her emergency. Lucky she went to a great childrens hospital – CHOC – and yes, indeed she had her appendix removed. So she wouldn’t miss out on Disneyland (plus unknown risk about blood clots) the girls and I stayed on an additional 5 days. While we did have a good time it wasn’t what I’d expected and we only got the spend a couple days as a family at the parks (with Amy in a wheelchair).

Mother’s Day was a bit unusual. We flew into Sydney that morning and I had to drag a kicking and screaming Christy from just off the plan, all the way through a very busy immigration – what fun!!! She just lost it and refused to walk so I had no choice but to drag her. It was not pretty. And I have never seen the airport so busy and chaotic.