School holiday delights

IMG_2619 Okay, okay, I’ve gotten a bit slack again with the blog updates. I find I get out of the habit very quickly. Last weekend had a great time at my bookgroup on Saturday then on Sunday we had a family day out. We went to Berry markets – it was freezing believe me. Because of the windy weather a lot of the stalls were not set up. We bought Amy a nice beanie, and some yummy hot corn cobs and of course, the essentil fudge. We had planned to have lunch in Berry but it was so busy I suggested we drive to Kangaroo Valley. It turned out to be a great idea. We had a lovely lunch at a little cafe and then went the town Museum. Amy was so excited cause she’s right into Australian history at the moment. It was such a lovely day out and it made me realize that know that both girls are at school we can start to take them to more places – like the Museum. Next we might do Berrima Goal. We also decided to put aside $100 every month for a family day out like this.

Okay, on with the school holidays. Someone asked me today how I was coping with school holidays. I said fine, I love them. She went on to say most Mum’s don’t. Strange I think. I love not having to race out of the house each morning (mind you I’ve been getting up at 6.30 three days a week to go to the gym), and getting to go and fun things. They played with friends all day Monday and yesterday we went to a dog friendly beach for a few hours. It was Rosie’s first time and she loved it. The girls even went for a swim (it was a pretty warm day though I’m sure the water was still freezing). They played in the sand and we ate the sandwiches we took with us. AND we had the WHOLE beach to ourselves. It’s right near the steel works but when you’re facing the water all you see is the clear blue water. It was so beautiful. Today we had to do a bit of shopping – which included a new budgie (to keep Fudgie company)


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  1. Leanne says:

    I agree, I love not having to dash out to drop off or pick up. In the holidays the taxi drivers (Mums) get a rest and we have been busy with a few outings so the girls have been happy.

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