Another milestone reached



Well, it was with much excitement that I shopped in the “normal size” section today. I’m down to a 16-18 in plus sizes so thought I might be shortly fitting into normal sizes. Well, not shortly, but RIGHT NOW!!!! I still can’t believe it. It has been a long, long time since I fell into the “normal” body range. In fact one pair of jeans I tried on were too tight in the legs (not suprising) but a bit too loose around the waist. I bought 2 pairs of pants for when we go away in April (since I’ll still want summer clothes but the shops will be full of winter clothes) and they already fit, albeit snuggly. Had quite a few compliments on my weight loss yesterday as most of the Mum’s hadn’t seen me for 5 weeks. I also bought a really purple nice jacket for winter – 20% off (since I have NO Winter clothes to wear). I bought the size 18 (in normal sizes) but it is too big. Will need to take it back and get a 16, or maybe even a 14, since I won’t be needing it for quite a few months.

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