Just Another Day in Paradise


Gee, surely you guessed I’d be using that title sometime this week 🙂

Today I was up about 6am. Read some blogs, the girls had a bath, we had some breakfast and headed out for a walk along the oceanfront. The girls rode their scooter so I kind of got a cardio work-out. We picked up some tourist brochures on the way back to see what else we want to do besides the theme parks. Back in our room I did some other exercises – squats, lunges, push-ups, sit-ups etc. The complex has a gym which I hope to use once Kevin arrives.

About 10am we headed once again to Sea World with the intent of doing the things we missed yesterday – which, as it turns out, wasn’t much. First we went on the Viking Flume ride again, then realized the Dolphin show (which was one of the things) was about to start so we raced to see that. So glad we did. I always love watching dolphins and I got some serious goosebumps (literally) when 3 of them did backflips in unison – talk about awesome.


Next up we caught the monorail for a ride around the park. Then stopped to visit the polar bears again – this time 2 of them were playing in the water – sooooo cute!!!


Unfortunately Chrisy wasn’t being particularly cute at this moment and ended up having the sit out the next ride, which was the pirate ship yet again. Then when was allowed on, the lady working today wouldn’t let her ride without an adult. So being the good Mum (though not according to Christy) that I am – rode 3 times with her, then started to feel a bit funny in the tummy (guess twice would have been the perfect number).  Here’s a photo of us on the ride – excuse the hat head :-). Oh, and I just have to brag – the bar on the ride did not even come close to my stomach – definitely would have 6 months ago 🙂


Amy rode the corkskrew again, then I took Christy to the carousel (it had been closed yesterday) and Amy did the pirate ship a number of times. Lastly we went on the Bermuda Triangle again, then picked up some lunch to have back at the apartment. We went via lost property and were lucky enough to retrieve Amy’s hat that she had lost yesterday – it was one of my favourites on her so that was good.

We drove home and lunch sitting on the verandah, then went to the pool for the girls to have a swim and play in the sand. We stayed just over an hour and by then the sun had gone and it was getting rather cool. So great having the pool and the sand – the best of both worlds for my little water babies.


The girls did some drawing while I did a bit of ironing and started to type up todays blog entry.

About 4.30pm we headed back out and did some shop browsing in Surfers before going to the night-time markets. So glad we went as there was lots of lovely hand-made items. I was good and just bought myself a lovely dip plate. The girls got a few bits and pieces and I quickly spent over $100.


We got back to the apartment about 7pm, had some dinner and girls are now happily playing with the sludge we got at the markets.

Playing with sludge